As Far Left As You Can Imagine

I vote Democrat simply because it is the lesser of two evils. If you had to be more accurate, I'm more of a Socialist Democrat, or maybe even a Utopian Anarchist. While I'm not into oppressive totalitarian regimes, some people have even accused me of being a Communist. But the funny thing is, if Republicans were still as Radical as they were during the Civil War Era, I would probably vote for Lincoln. Unfortunately, W and his cronies have betrayed almost every principle for which Lincoln and the Republicans used to stand for.
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I don't get why you people have to try to turn the US into a socialist dystopia. There are plenty of socialist prisons like Cuba for you to sneak into. Heck, they don't worry about illegal immigrants as few move there. They guard the gates to make sure that the subjects don't escape.

I ,too, am a Socialist but saying out loud sure doesn't earn friends. They compare you to the Fascist era or Nazi era or even go so far a being labeled an agent for the Comintern. We are talking about Today, people, and for one I DoNot subscribe to Any of those past practices. I want a fair treatment for those who have nothing or are willing to work to improve their lot in life. What is so bad about that? The Republicans are no longer level headed--I was one-- but instead a group of zealots who will stop at nothing to install their agenda on all of us and take away rights that were justly fought for and all that in the name of Patriotism. Marxist-Lenninism anyone?

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