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Ok. Go ahead.  Tell me I'm a paranoid.  Tell me I see movement in shadows that don't exist.  I don't care.  I saw this country send her sons to war for a lie.  I remember Lee Atwater.  I remember the Committee to Reelect the President and Nixon's enemy lists.  I am not an innocent in these matters.  I believe that the neo/cons have the capacity and the temperment and the lack of morals to deliberately strategize to promote a anti islamic video and incite the Arab Street to erupt. So that they can use it to criticize Obama's leadership just in time for the election...they use to call this kind of thing an "October Surprise"  .the  following link is to a youtube video on a documentar done by Frontline in 2007... just a slice of the original documentary.
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

You know, as bad as this may sound, I said the same thing about the failed hostage rescue in Iran in 1980. It would have been soooo easy for a couple of generals to have made sure that the rescue failed. Their gain? The military industrialists would have rewarded them grandly as they are the ones that needed a boost in military spending. Reagan gave them that boost.

Weren't the hostages released at some crazy as Reagon rode in the limosine to his swearing in ceremony? Come on, that's just crazy.

Obama is going to have juggle wildcats to control this global powder keg. (When I get excited, metaphors abound! LOL!) He and Hillary will be burning the midnight oil, I'll bet the mortgage on that. (geeze, I can't stop!)