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I am a democrat because I oppose nearly everything the Republicans stand for. I don't understand the Republican base cheering for things that are clearly not in their interest. Eliminating Planned Parenthood, reductions in Education, gutting Medicare, putting the Post Office out of business...
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Sounds like you listen to the Democrat political propaganda machine rather then find out for yourself that actualities behind the issue, especially with those programs.

Planned parenthood ~ though the intent sounds wonderful, ever child and parent of that child should be planned for and well cared for. The original intent of this organization was race based. Promote the infanticide of black babies to illuminate the poor black population. do some research on Margaret Sanger.

Reductions in education ~ have you seen the grades of the majority of inner city classes. We need education, we just don't need the kind of education our students are getting.. Research Charter Schools, and note why the teachers union and AAE and AFT opposes them.

Medicare cuts ~ in the hopes to prop up national health care (Obama care) “Did you know that he’s taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund? He’s raided that trust fund. And you know what he did with it? He’s used it to pay for Obamacare. A program not at all with out it's faults and withholding of needed patient care.

The post office! LOL really If it were not for the subscriptions and subsidies to place wasteful advertisements in the mail by corporations in your mailbox it would be out of business all together.

No, I'm not a republican, But as an independent that party more closely aligns with my belief in wasteful government programs and the need for people to be more dependent on themselves rather then the handouts the Democrats so willing give to garner votes. We have lost our way in America we need to get it back, or we will be nothing more then another third rate country bending at our knees in front of the new world order and the banks that control it.

Oh, this is gonna be fun!

Just read the Wikipedia article on Margaret Sanger. She was supported by W E B DuBois, founder of the NAACP, and was praised by Martin Luther King, Jr. when he received the Margaret Sanger Award.

But the fact that she and fellow elitists want to measure the worthiness of a person as to their necessity in the world and eliminate those who are a burdensome, doesn't provoke a concern? If by fun you are looking forward to having a "conversation" about differing opinion me to. If by fun you are thinking I'm gonna show this redneck they are an idiot with my elitism your fooling yourself.

Definitely a fun conversation.

I consider myself intellectual, but not AN intellectual which seems to me to indicate a lot more education than I have. I have a bachelor's degree in chemistry.

That's good Edward. I take my conversations with serious fun! I'm not degree educated. I'm experience educated. I don't like where we are in the world today. Way to much elitism and decisiveness. I believe there are rights and wrongs and not everything is solved with an emotional choice. Sometimes you have to let people fail, and governments change in order to grow in knowledge and wisdom. And there is much rotten in the state of Denmark.

Believe me, telling you of my degree was not meant as bragging or a put down. I loved being a chemist, but I don't consider it an intellectual degree. My wife is one of the smartest people I know, but she doesn't have a degree.
New topic: Alas poor Yorick. There is indeed much rotten in Denmark. I think you and I should fix it.

The only reference I have found to Sanger, et. al. wanting to eliminate undesireables was her ideas on eugenics. She felt that there should be mandatory sterilization of the "mentally deficient." And yes, I have a problem with that. Sounds like a good idea on the surface, but way too easy to be abused. Better not to go there.

Much is, and I'm not sure either of us can fix it. But sadly at the rate we are going, it's doubtful that either party can.. In my not too humble opinion, "Our deficit will be our demise". As the sides battle over the causes the banks IMF and such roll in the boo coo buck aroos. Control a countries Debt, control the country (and it's politicians) For a synopsis on the entire scope of what is really hiding out there read Joseph Plummers "Dishonest Money" I think there is more truth to who in control then any conspiracies I've seen manifested elsewhere.

Yes yes, eugenics. The humanly disposal of those less adequate in their ability to see and help those chosen to see the new world order and that which would be good for it and the mentality that will help to foster it. Many of the progressive leaders The Carnegie foundation, the Rockefeller foundation, and Harriman Railroad, in the past century have all agreed that man kind would do so much better if it could just humanly remove those who can't measure up to their progressive thinking.
This scares the living hec outa me.. and we are on a path of giving more and more of our soverignty up to the UN. a huge proponent of Eugenics, the World banking institution and the progressive agenda..
I hate to sound like a looney.. and there are some great things that could come from a united world.. what at what and who's cost? I do not believe we have the intelligence to see everything that is actually happening to us in the world of politics.

I really don't see how we're losing our sovereignty to the UN. Examples?

Lets start just with the most recent and our secretary of state Hillary Clinton and her agreement with http://www.un.org/disarmament/convarms/ArmsTradeTreaty/

Read the linked article. 1)We already have a US gun registry. Can't say it's changed anything. 2) There's no way in hell Americans will let ANYTHING circumvent our 2nd Amendment. 3) I can't see Congress even voting for us to sign a treaty like this if it imposes on individual freedoms.

Your turn.

My point is that there is a constant threat that they will. And with this country so divided and with the purposeful ignorance of constitutional law. It is entirely probable. The latest trends from the pacifists and liberal politicians is "favor and effort for more gun control". With a growing trend in one world government and a UN Resolution towards that point makes their propaganda palatable. People more often choose emotion over logic and historical evidence.

I recently saw a poll where a majority of Americans said they would be willing to give up some freedoms for greater security. Scared the hell out of me.

I think this is where far left (me) and far right (you) meet.

Isn't it Ironic though, If you filter out all the rhetoric (and there is much on both sides) there is more commonality in both ideologies. I can't remember where but there is a specifics list as to what most people consider there ideology to bring to the world and what they want from the world. The answers would astound you as to the similarities.. I believe the big difference is in how they are achieved. And please, I am not far right minded. If you have to label me anything, be it an independent libertarian who believes in people first, some kind of force that binds us all together (man wants to call it god they are wrong in their scriptures as those scriptures were written by men and men are fallible) That each of us has a right to live our lives as we wish and are. So please don't label me, I won't label you, your idea's and conceptions to which you have a right to are where I disagree. You have a right to them, and I hope that you can defend them with out animosity towards anyone. I have a right to mine and in pointing out what I don't like about that which I believe is incorrect for our nation and it's peoples larger picture/goal is not a personal attack on you, it is on the ideology you choose to follow. And in mentioning the failures of the past, I do not consider ammunition to support the ideologies of either faction. We are people, we have the ability to learn from our mistakes. But only if we recognize them and are willing to correct that which was a mistake.

This is fun, Thanks!

Sorry about the label. It was meant more in contrast to me than about you.

I've never thought you were attacking me personally. I am a very strong advocate of our right to Free Speech, even when what's being said drives me nuts!

I've seen a similar list about what people want, and yes, there were great similarities. You'd think our politicians would listen better.

That my friend is the issue! :) the need/drive/want for power exceeds the desire to do what is right. This was known to our founding fathers and in their infinite wisdom knew that one day, our branches of government would write law to find ways to perpetuate their power rather then the power vested in all of us as a government.
This/our country means a lot to me. For several reasons, the first being that I am told that I am a descendant of a signer of our Declaration of Independence. I am a fond advocate for the freedom and rights of the people for which it stands. And that I believe our governing bodies have corrupted that document to garner power in ways that are unseen by the masses. From Corporate Welfare (post office as the smallest example) to the enslavement of work worthy peoples by feeding them their wants rather then their needs. Look around, we have the highest income level for any poor person through out the world, we have extreme obesity issues with the healthcare of our under privileged citizens and we have spent huge numbers of dollars on both corporate welfare and poverty prevention and yet the numbers of dependents grow while our tax revenue declines. Our politicians (on both sides) aren't solving problems, they are causing them.

I'm not sure if your a history buff or not. But, (and I know times are different now, because laws have made them different) Our country was based on this basic principle. A man could do as he saw fit to do with in his means. If his means where not met and there was something his town could do to benifit those means the town would do and the man would be obligated to the town. It also carried forth, that which the town could not do the county would in cooperation do, that which the county could not, the state would. Only as a last resort was the federal government called upon to do what was necessary. Which primarily meant that state and individual rights were up held.
Today we do the governments bidding, they do not do ours. I understand the complexity factor. But argue complexities only exist because government has created most of them.. Yes, there have been bad and corrupt individuals and there have been necessary movement to prevent that corruption from effecting many.. but there in lays the problem.. when we allow a large bureaucracy to take care of matters that we are responsible for, we loose parts of our control and our sovereignty as free individuals. Unfortunately most people do not know how to be responsible today, because they haven't had to be.. We have created a monster that if not feed will cause unrest. I feel we will go done in the journals of history as a nation that tried to the the best for it's citizenship. But hence the entire problem.. Citizens (in balance with government) need to do the best for themselves.
Is that too far right? LOL :)

Just so you know: In 1990 I was in a horrific car crash and have been living off of Social Security Disability ever since. Prior to that I was a senior chemist and head of quality assurance for a division of a Fortune 500 company.

Please go to thedailybeast.com search under "Fed $80 billion" and read the article.
Yes, I do plan to read the book you recommended about the Fed, but the trip to see my grandchildren has used up our disposable income for the month.

I'm so sorry about your accident and I hope that in spite of things you are able to have a fulfilling life. I can't imagine being disabled. Our social security system is in place to provide for those in need. And should always be, this country's goodness should always care for and fill in the gaps when people are faced with hardships. What I have a problem with is when those hardships are often self imposed. And then proliferated by government bodies for their own benefit.
There is a lot wrong out there, and I'm not afraid to say that part of the wrong is the enabling of those wrongs. Too many are on the dole be it a corporation getting free advertisement because we have to support the post office, or build a bigger war machine, or a person who knows how to play the system and creates entire generations of off spring who share in this wealth spreading tactic the progressives have deployed as a need.

If it's a cost thing, I'll gladly mail you my copy of the book!

Umm those 80billion..? They are actually our tax payer dollars collected as interest payment for our debt! The federal reserve is a bank, banking on making the most profit it possibly can with out regulation. Read the book it will explain it to you in a light that I can't even begin to shine on it.

Just on first impression, the beast appears to be if nothing else a propaganda sheet for the progressives.

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