The Most Hated Group In America

I have been posting on political pages for about a year now and I have noticed that the people that are backing the Tea Party are not what they seem. Every one of them is rude, vile, bigoted, racist, and full of ****. This is why,

1. They claim to be patriots but at the same time want to have a revolution if President Obama is re elected.
2. They claim to be christians but could care less anout their fellow americans as they tried to prevent healthcare to 30 million americans.
3. There was a poll taken where the Tea Party is the most hated group in america, hated even more than the muslim brotherhood, the black panthers even Paris Hilton is liked more than the tea party.
4. They claim Obama is taking away their guns. Thats a lie. Nobody is taking away their guns. Just 100 round banana clips.
5.They claim that Obama is taking away God, and the constitution. First of all God is not mentioned one time in the constitution, not once.. And as far as taking God out of their lives, think about how ignorant that sounds.
If I were a member of the Republican party I would distance themselves as far away from the Tea Party because we all know how the tea partys name came about right? Because it sounds better than BIGOTED, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, SKINHEADS...
joecumlots joecumlots
51-55, M
Sep 21, 2012