Turning Of The Tide

It's been a long dark road but it looks like the Democrats are going on offense for a change. We have the first Democratic president winning back to back elections with a majority of votes since FDR, we held the Senate and picked up seats in the house.  And Republicans are having to respond to liberal ideas for a change. What was once a pejorative term, Obamacare may be one of the thing the president hangs his legacy on.  It's been more than a generation since things have looked this good for our party.  It looks like the Reagan landslide is finally behind us and we are setting the agenda.
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Yes, things are looking up, and I am happy about that. But here in Michigan, we are going through some trouble right now, with the right-to-work (for less) law that was just signed. Repubs have control of every branch of state gov't. Most voters here do not want to be educated. They are happy to believe all the misleading campaign ads and buy into the wedge issues. But my feeling is that the longer Obama is in office, more people will find that they were lied to. He is the right man to help us return to sanity.

Amen. I am shocked at the apathy of people towards issues that actually will diminish the quality of their lives. My nephews and nieces, despite earning low wages in dead-end service jobs, seem to have no interest in the issues. As cruel as it is to think so, perhaps they deserve such constrained lives.

We still have to fight. Yesterday I was at a protest in Lansing MI against the union busting right to work (for less) law that the lame duck repub legislature rammed through and the tea bagger governor signed.

There is still a headwind of anti-social greed and resentment of social investment that we need to fight and which republicans are good at inflaming through their money. And, I am appalled at the young adults in their 20s and 30s who are taking no interest in the destruction of their future. It is as if they are brainwashed to accept what they are given and will wake up too late, in their 50s, and realize that all their work has only made a better life for the wealthy. Sad.

From your keyboard to God's ears! We mustn't get complacent. The right wing are attack machines. They are always looking for opportunities to knock us out at our knees

I saw someone somewhere remarking about Addelstein,Is that his name? The guy who bankrolled Gingrich and Herman Caine and then threw millions at Romney. Apparently he has a few billion, so the millions he spends on politics is chump change for him. Imagine that.