The Second Inauguration Of President Obama

I'm going to backtrack a little. In 2007, I don't know why but I had the presence of mind to record the then largely unknown junior Senator from Illinois, Barrack Obama's announcement speech that he was running for President of the United States. I was moved to tears. At that time I was working in an inpatient facility for adolescents with psychological and behavioral problems. My coworkers were mostly black and I was in the minority. No problem. I'd never been racist.

After 8 years of President Bush I was so soured and cynical that when Obama made his announcement I felt the energy return that I felt when Bill Clinton was running for president.

I went into work that night with the VCR tape and while waiting for the shift-change report I told my coworkers "this is our next president". I pled with them to watch the entire speech on their breaks. They were skeptical and many hadn't voted in years. As the election got closer I'd ask over and over "have you registered to vote? You have to" Some said outright, nah, it won't make a difference. I was relentless. No mind you this was South Carolina.

The night of the election I had to leave the TV to go to work, not knowing if Obama had won or not. When I arrived the 2nd shift was gathered around the TV doing victory dances and a lot of fist bumping. I joined in. It was electric! Obama had won!

This past presidential election found me in a perpetual cycle of anxiety, stress and fear that Romney would win. I checked the 538 blog several times a day, unwilling to believe Silver's stats that Obama was going to win. I knew in my soul that Romney would not be good for the country. Thankfully our President swept the country with an undeniable victory and a total rejection of Willard Romney.

That being said I was also relieved that he was NOT going to be a one term president. The image of him turning the White House over to Romney would have just been soul crushing. The historical election of a man not only with a foreign sounding name but the son of a white mother and a black father would have meant to me a defeat and an invalidation of him had he not won re-election. A defeat not only for him, but me and I suspect everyone else who believed in him and fought so hard to get him elected.

So today's inauguration is a monumental and historical event. I'm proud I helped get my coworkers to vote for Obama, I'm proud that Obama is our President. The haters won't cease with their snide and thinly veiled racial slurs. The birthers will continue their ignorant questioning of his right to be president. The fixed news people, Trump, Limbaugh and all the rest will continue their attacks. Hey if that makes them feel self-satisfied and smug well so be it. He's our 2nd term elect President. GET OVER IT! Me? I'm celebrating.
martysmax martysmax
61-65, F
Jan 21, 2013