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Newest Conservative Spokesperson

Covers all the right talking points.....and he does it while being Hispanic!   That Marco Rubio.   Such a talented fellow!

LilAnnie LilAnnie 56-60, F 6 Responses Feb 13, 2013

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PERFECT!!! Should not be a problem for Hermie the 999 KIng..

Too bad the photo I posted with the story has been deleted. Guess they were worried about copywrite but the thing was a pasted mock up done from a screen shot of Fox News. Oh well, poor Rubio. Who the hell does the GOP have producing these anti/state of the union messages? They're always a disaster. Probably's somebody's kid who got into Princeton on a legacy leg up.

I love the respectful title you gave to Ribio, but maybe a more accurate title (for all those right wing spokesperson's for that matter) should be what they really are... "Shills"..
Can I get an AMEN?!


You've got to be joking!

Hee hee! ; )


The word dumbocrat makes my nipples hard - so I got here quick as I could. Dang.

You guys obviously got this under control. =(

Hey, don't be shy....jump right in. Tiny is small but feisty... : )

The GOP is so desperate that they think that they can put him up as a front, that people will ignore his positions on policies. Watch them start to march out women in the same manner.

If only Herman Caine had a latino girlfriend...they could front as the new face of the GOP and host all their events using Mexican catering companies. : )


Why Corporate America hasn't recognized your potential ... I have no clue.

(you SURE he doesn't?) :)

Mr Caine possibly has had a Latina GF. The problem is that he was and still is married.

I LOVE that image! He parrots all of the old talking points. The GOP tries to rebrand itself. Their problem is that they still control the House. How many times have they attempted to overthrow "Obamacare" and outlaw abortion and how many times have they tried to create *real* jobs, other than yacht broker/tax attorney/Cayman Island banker?

: ) Stole the photo from liz winstead's twitter feed.

The repubs are in the house. yes. and they are all over state goverments! They're breeding like cockroaches in state houses all over the country!

Tiny. You know it! The sh!ts gonna come down! Did you rent a backhoe yet to dig your panic cellar? Get on it! I don't own any currency myself, its all in silver. but I found a guy willing to take it for the rental fee.... Silver.... and seeds too. They'll be invaluable....Haven't worn anything but camo outfits in four years.....but my night goggles are still on order so I only go out in daylight.

Hello tinymuel...
Looks like we have both chosen The Eagle as our Avatar... I think that’s all we have in common though. But, I’m curious...Is the name calling something all rightwing intellects do, have you been watching too much Bill O'Reilly, or is this a holdout from those good ol days at grade school? Dumbocrats? Are you kidding me? Wow!

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