Newest Conservative Spokesperson

Covers all the right talking points.....and he does it while being Hispanic!   That Marco Rubio.   Such a talented fellow!

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PERFECT!!! Should not be a problem for Hermie the 999 KIng..

Too bad the photo I posted with the story has been deleted. Guess they were worried about copywrite but the thing was a pasted mock up done from a screen shot of Fox News. Oh well, poor Rubio. Who the hell does the GOP have producing these anti/state of the union messages? They're always a disaster. Probably's somebody's kid who got into Princeton on a legacy leg up.

I love the respectful title you gave to Ribio, but maybe a more accurate title (for all those right wing spokesperson's for that matter) should be what they really are... "Shills"..
Can I get an AMEN?!

You've got to be joking!

Hee hee! ; )


The word dumbocrat makes my nipples hard - so I got here quick as I could. Dang.

You guys obviously got this under control. =(

Hey, don't be shy....jump right in. Tiny is small but feisty... : )

The GOP is so desperate that they think that they can put him up as a front, that people will ignore his positions on policies. Watch them start to march out women in the same manner.

If only Herman Caine had a latino girlfriend...they could front as the new face of the GOP and host all their events using Mexican catering companies. : )


Why Corporate America hasn't recognized your potential ... I have no clue.

(you SURE he doesn't?) :)