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Arizona Capital Times
February 25, 2014

A poll commissioned yesterday by a Phoenix political consulting firm finds that twice as many Republican voters in Arizona want Governor Jan Brewer to veto
SB 1062 than want her to sign it.

In the automated poll of 802 Republicans by Coleman Dahm, a Republican political consulting firm in Phoenix,
57.1 percent of respondents who were asked about the bill said they would like Brewer to veto it.

Only 27.6 percent said they want her to sign CB 1062.
The remaining 15.3 percent had no opinion.
The poll has a margin of error of + or - 4 points.

The controversial bill, which many say will allow businesses to use their religious beliefs as a reason to discriminate against homosexuals, has put Arizona in the national spotlight over the past week.

Bert Coleman, one of the firm's founders, said the poll was of "hard core" Republican voters who had voted both of the last two primary elections.

He said the results show that "even conservative Republicans believe this bill is bad for the state's image and will hurt business."

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goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 3 Responses Feb 25, 2014

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I hope it does cause them grief.

There's a very high population of Mormons in AZ, especially in government. It's a goal of the LDS church to infiltrate as many goverment positions as possible. (I was Mormon much of my life, parents who thought I might as well not live as to leave).

I remember taking over Affirmative Action in the 1980s when I lived in AZ; my company was large and both federal/private in a weird way. I was stuck doing business with these people, John McCain and governors that I despised. I despise Jan Brewer most of all. So glad I moved to CO two years ago!

I worry about all the LGBT people I helped get jobs, they've been my friends many years. They must feel so very horrible at this one.

My best friend in AZ is a gay man about a decade younger than I, and I miss him every day. He was Mormon as well, but they shunned him many years ago. I became his friend nearly 20 years ago because of it and I am so very, very glad I did.

"Arizona Worried Legislation Could Cost State Super Bowl XLIX..........