An Obvious No Brainer

Since my names have evolved from "Bleeding Heart Liberal" to Healed heart liberal and then to the current Healed heart...well ok , I guess Healed heart doesn't make it that obvious but my original "Bleeding heart liberal" name should have given it away.  So here I am.  And here I belong. lol.   I am trying to avoid politics since there is no election this year and I can really get worked up about    I may just need to vent about the Republicans. :)

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Thanks for your comment, healedheart. Even though there is no election this year we still have to stay very involved and work like hell. 2010 will be here and we have Congress and Senate seats to win! Democratic Governor's and state legislators need to be elected and reelected so we can expand our majority on a state level and on the federal level! We can't wait or stop and we can never let up!<br />
You're here amongst friends and like minded people. Sit down, relax, make a pot of tea or coffee and vent on.............