I Support Hillary Clinton

I have met Hillary numerous times. She's one of the most qualified candidates in a long time to run in politics...even aside from her time as First Lady...just own her own. She's articulate, she cares about regular people, and she stands by her beliefs...and her man.

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3 Responses Aug 25, 2007

This has been interesting to read in a present day "arm chair" kind of way.

I love Hillary and I am sick that the Democrats did not pick her. I thought surely Obama would then be smart enough to pick her for VP elect. Now..I am so frightened of what is going to happen. What if McCain & Palin get in. We are in big trouble folks if that happens. I wish Obama could change his mind and take Hillary on as VP elect and I think the two of them could win the 08 election. But, now the way it is I am afraid the Dems are going to loose.

I remember meeting Al Gore back in 2000. He was a pretty nice guy. I've never met Hillary, but she comes off as rude. I've met John Kerry too, and he comes off pretty aloof as well.<br />
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I met Edwards when he came here a few months ago in the summer. Very personable. Talked with me in depth and answered all of my questions. I have alot of respect for a guy that will take time to stop and talk to me one on one and not waffle like Kerry did when I met him.