I Am A Demon Hunter With Guardians ! Strong And Powerful Indeed I Am With These Guardians

all my life i have had my guardians by my side, strongly protecting me from what i've seen, speaking to me to fear not what i see! i am with you they would say, i still speak to them and even call upon when i need them but i have grown quite strong laughing now at what i see creeping threw the night, i know what they are! they are demons , my guardians fight them and kill em, i know this for a fact! they are my strong protectors i do not have to fight or battle anything, i do not have to fear nor run! i stand and hold my ground and nothing such as evil can touch me, i am a fighter, and i am strong! i am the answers that you seek, fore i am the reason why i am here now! a true demon warrior hunter fighting things that creep threw the night! things that humans are to blind to see, cause thier angels protect them from seeing these things that go bump in the night! i am one of those warriors that have been chosen to stand firm and handle anything that comes after me! with the guardian's by my fighting side they will stand always next to me! and protect me when i am week, they have always done this! you only think you have seen things, and only think that you have saw everything in this world , think again! your wrong..... you want to take up the work of being a demon hunter then you better get use to seeing your life flash before your eyes 24/7 they will hunt you and destory you while laughing, being a demon hunter is no fun or games it is dangerous and can be deadly if you don't truely have guardians by your side, they travel in three, and never leave your side, they remain silent until it is time to speak, they tell you what to do and how to react when there is danger , to protect you and when the time is right they step in when you can not handle the battle! this is no fun and games people its real! and there is real demon hunters out there like me, i am in training as we speak , and its not fun!  but i will not stop where the doors has already been opened! you must bond with your guardians for them to want to protect you! and want to even come close to bonding with them and i have been in training for two years now , what i have delt with is not for a baby , or pre -teen thinking he is god and unharmable! and if your not met to be a demon hunter then you better look out, your opening a door , many gates just thinking about has already been opened ! and your inviting things that go bump in the night right in your bedroom when you sleep! and there will be no guardian's waiting to let you sleep peacefully ! because you never had them in the first place!
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I'm only a teenager, and I don't know if I have a guardian or a demon by my side. Please reply.

Don't get cocky. By the way, have you ever encountered a demon? I have! If you have, will you please message me? I've never spoken to anyone about my experiences, and would love to swap stories.

yeah see i actually believe your story. true demon hunters have guardians, they train you to be a demon hunter with whatever trials they have in store. mine took about a year to finish i had A LOT of help tho that pushed me along.

I would like to know more about what you do please contact me its important and I find this very interesting

You have horrible grammar.

You have horrible grammar.

Oh is that so..so in the end you say about inviting them while sleeping.Would that also apply to me?