The Beginning, Of My Alternate Futures' Past, My Presents' Past & Future(Reborn Life)

Your gonna be astounded with this one. I have these Psychics, calling theirselves Annoying Angels and Unkowing Demons, when they know they are being watched by Ghosts Cousins, The Alternate Futures, The Present Time, and Mind Reading-Technology & Everything Else. So, they keep annoying and bothering me, and annoying me, they know if anything happens, i will go after them. I need more help though. The help i have now, don't wanna be in it, and are probably being threatened also, so they should help. In other words, If you are reading this, you are being watched now, Hence, how psychic abilities and futures work..through kinetics.  And for those that don't have much help and protection, just reread the first paragraph. And this is for those "immature", it was never you thinking your first thoughts to become bad, that was bads annoyance making people to hide behind, and getting their own people in trouble, because they are old and don't think much about immortal-life, immortal- health, immortal-age. Wasn't you thinking to begin with, also, old people.. they are probably deceased by now, those that mind controlled your thoughts. Plus they messed with your emotions, like anger, sad, happy, through your breathing,. It's all in your head, not your heart.. and your not suppose to be overly emotional. If people knew what those kind of magics were called(psychics/demons and angels) they would know not to be that those that started this, got you into trouble, shouldnt be annoying peoples lives trying to make them do your own. Like i said, ghost psychics, psychic cousins, human/ufo alien technology of mind reading capabilities are all watching us... AKA-Also Known As, Gaurdian you got nephilim GODs Nephilim Psychics etc.etc... Anyone wanna help me in this, non-emotional, conversion, i only need help with the ones annoying me, the rest, its up to GODs' only tribulation...Part 2(II) Will be out in the future
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2010

Just saying that Demons are annoying me.. and the other stuff.. i'm trying to convert demons and show them the light so i have more watchers, but they are still strangers, they should know that i they are "converted", shouldn't have been converted in the first place.. Converted from bad to good...

Ok none of that made any since to me please explain.