Order Of Light Demon Hunters

Hi guys I was searching the web for a organization of demon hunters sadly I did not find anything then I got an idea to make one I've already made the forum for it still working on the main site but I should have it up soon on yahoo the main site is where job requests for demon hunters will be might not get any for awhile because I'll need to spread the word on the net but with all the demons appearing lately we should get some requests sooner or later I'll put down the link for the forum so everyone can check it out if you join and get do a job you will get payed by the client thats the link so I hope some of you will join and for those who don't thats your choice.
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He claims correctly. He just told me that him and his four other power rangers are the only thing preventing existence from dissappearing.<br />
<br />
He then threatened to kill me with his "powers" when I called him delusional. I called him on his BS, and he immediately changed his mind, saying he would send two other people's souls he had killed to attack me and slowly drain me.<br />
<br />
While these were indeed things, they were wards, energy patterns with no soul created by a person's energy, and wards that clearly hadn't had more than an hour spent creating them, and ones with open command paths. I immediately set them to work cleaning my shield.

If you could call us "members" that is. I would personally say victims of death threats.<br />
<br />
Digger is right though, Nick is bad news to anyone. Especially considering he himself claimed to be not all there.

And Flobadine, Noxas' organization is defunct. Most of its members quit when they realized how much his cosmology resembled Final Fantasy, and when he claimed to be a Messiah who was destined to destroy all evil.

Wow, Noxas actually tried to charge people money to play his video game???<br />
<br />
Unless you are haunted by anime characters Noxas is unlikely to help you.

certainly him accepting money for this kind of thing is worrisome.

I'm not a projector, at least, I haven't learned to yet anyway. I'll send you energy to help with your missions if you let me know when and where they are, but you should know I'll be doing the same for digger. As much as you have disagreed with him, and I've had my share of arguments as well (mostly over his lack of understanding of semantics), I do believe he has a good intent on reducing suffering in this world. I believe you do as well. So if you could use me, I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

the sites already down.

i am in

@cielwrights: Well at the moment its just online I set up some chat rooms in order to do online meetings and I'm hoping to do offline meetings in the near future.

Wait... so, would you have to actually meet, or could it just be online... Because I'm kind of bound to where I am... :|

@dantecross you can still join I'm hoping to get job requests from other places besides the U.S.A. and I'll let you know if we get any from england.

well i live in england unless somebody could pay for me to get over there also then i cant do it lol