Third Eye

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Age spirituality, the third eye may alternately symbolize a state of >enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with >visions, clairvoyance (which includes the ability to observe chakras and >auras),[1]precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who have allegedly developed the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.

I quoted this from wikipedia i admit.  this is the best definition that won't confuse too many people.  Everyone has a third eye and some are more open than other peoples.  your third eye is a powerful weapon to use when you're demon hunting.  you'll be fighting spiritual entities therefore you need to have your third eye as sharp as possible.  in order to make your third eye sharper i suggest you go on youtube and look up binaural beats-third eye.  listen to this and meditate everyday.  also to make it open faster look up a wish spell on and wish for your third eye to be fully opened.  then continue doing third eye meditations from youtube to keep it sharp.  when your third eye is opened you will see people for who they really are, and you will never see the world the same way again. 
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I looked into the third eye back in the day, but you should also know it can be dangerous to have, if you have no protection demons or whatever can mess with you. not tottally sure but just be careful when using it

Yeah i am in a tough situation my friend is demon hunter my other friend is an angel and a whole other group of people are demons by the way i am 14 . Besides that spiritually i have been awakened my dad put a protection spell on me. Me and him did a siance i saw all of ancestors and turns out all of them have fought demons and my dog akasha is dead but is with me and she potects me from evil same with my ancestors they protect me all the time.No it is my turn to fight evil.My washington dc trip is hoing to be scary because as it turns out there is a lucifer symbol all seeing eye and a obselik there so if i activate anything demons will be on me . But i have a weapon to kill demons my ancestors sword and the cross i have kept count of how many demons i kill in dreams i know i kill them because when i go to school the next daythe whole demon group is like what the frick why did you kill all of those demons in your dream but the funny thing is i dont tell them my dreams they just know scary right.

I have actually heard of the seven before,but they don't go after people.As for the third eye it has nothing to do with the evil eye from what my studies have shown me.I can't help anyone with mastering the use of such abilities.Mine came naturaly,I would have rather had to would have possible given me more control over it.over extending your use of energy when using the third eye can cause severe migraines as it draws upon your spiritual energy.

lucifer is really evil but he's not the same as Satan. third eye is a chakra that helps you bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world, it has nothing to do with magic. the more spiritually aware you are the easier 2012 will be for you.

I doubt that Lucifer is really evil. But we all have a right to our own opinion that we are entitled to.

Third eye is evil represents lucifer so u r provoking demons and not hunting them. It is not enlightment, we all hve the ability to be enlightened through god not selfwilled or opening our conscious to any being. That is dangerous. This is about demon hunting dont come in here encouraging magick and stuff like that. Sheesh.

yeah magic's only harmful when the intended purpose for a spell is used to for harm.

I have to agree about magic not being harmful. In my opinion, when Christians light a candle and invoke their deity, they may call it praying, but it's not different than what others call magic.

I'm not chewing you out i just want to state, in the ten commandments one of them is "Do Not Have Any God Before Me" so to practice the arts is to pray to another god, thus causing sin, thus causing problems. i don't mean to be annoying or anything just wanted to state.

I understand what the beliefs are. Those beliefs are those held by those who choose to believe them and they are based on faith (belief without proof). When those beliefs are used to condemn others, it is prejudice. Religious prejudice spreads suffering. I don't care if people believe that it is wrong for themselves.

Also, who's to say that the different god or gods they are praying to aren't just different ways of looking at the same thing?

"I can't blame you all for being deceived! Media and popular culture just taught you to think the occult is cool."<br />
<br />
Umm.... yeah and you've read the Necronomicon. Which you claim is....real.....<br />
<br />
I couldn't have said it better myself

And that is just the most obvious example about how that is a bunch of bigoted, exclusivist, inaccurate and childish drivel that is likely to get someone killed if they are not careful

The. Necronomicon. Is. Fictional.<br />
<br />
Anyone can discover this. It was invented by a horror writer named HP Lovcraft, who used it for the mythos of the Great Old Ones...which sounds a lot like the short story above.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Please do not come on here to roleplay, and waste our time. And do a little research, at least on google, before making claims that are stupid to the power of twelve like "I have the Necronomicon"<br />
<br />
This is not a roleplaying site, and we find this kind of stuff insulting.

I don't view the earth as a stand-alone plane. Stop making assumptions about my belief system. I think seven is a rather arbitrary number to limit it to, but I guess there are seven BIG ones.<br />
<br />
All you have to do to disprove your foolish, insulting, and, frankly, fundementalist Christian attitude about Magick as being a gateway for demons, is to go onto any of the NUMEROUS pages dedicated to the practice of Magick, many on this website. You will quickly realize that the understandings of and experiences with Magick that you describe DO NOT HAPPEN, that lots of people use Magick, and while there are risks involved, they are Karmic and not Demonic. Magick can however be used as a tool against Demons.

Made up gods? they're not Gods. But think what you will. you're too close minded to argue with, still viewing Earth as the only thing here. Open your eyes little one, there's much to be seen if you know what you're looking for. Demons, Angels. they're not man made, the don't come from here. they're both in separate planes of existence. Both from Each other, and from our own. I would know. i've seen them.

Of course. Always with the They. Nice to see you made up some Gods for yourself ("The Seven")<br />
<br />
THEY can serve to justify anyone's beliefs.<br />
<br />
By an extended community, I mean the Salem, MA Pagan community.

Then thank the Seven the realms are still holding. And also thank yourself you're not a visible threat. I assure you, they'd come directly for you if they thought you were.

I can. Because it isn't actually the case. I was raised Pagan in an extended Pagan family. People have used magick around me for all sorts of things since I was a child, in an extended community, and it has not made them targets.

Alright Digger, say what you will. If you try to teach, or support humans Using Magic, spiritual or not. You're allowing themselves to post targets themselves. i hope you can live with that.

This keeper guy is just saying every inaccurate thing here.<br />
The Third Eye and the Evil Eye are NOT the same thing (the evil eye is a HAND MOTION used to invoke negative energy.)<br />
<br />
The Third Eye is not known as the "Jagan", instead it connects to a physical organ known as the "Penial Gland". <br />
<br />
It is a part of the human physiology that has atrophied, and not inherently "granted" there is nothing dangerous about using it, but you might get headaches at first (imagine someone deaf from birth regaining their hearing on a crowded subway platform)

The Third eye.. The Evil eye..... The Jagan. is not something for humans to meddle with. don't babble into a world you barely understand. take it from someone who hunts nightly.<br />
<br />
-The Watcher.

Wanted to put the this down for people to see as a comment. It explains who should not use it and when it should not be used.<br />
<br />

I've been trying to find a way to fully open mine because so far I can only turn it partly mostly on but it takes a lot of work and I've been meaning to meditate more.