A Rough Outline Of The Stages Of Demonic Possession

I read this on examiner.com and read the broad steps of this process, ive been through possession myself and i agree with the four steps, the fifth one which is death i didn't add because really demons want to keep you alive as long as possible so they can use you.  here are the four steps. 


In this stage a person will unintentionally invite the demonic force in. There are said to be many different ways to on how this can happen, most commonly is playing with the Ouija board, performing séances and tarot cards. The demon will be attracted to the weak minded, low self esteem type individual. It is also said that people who are alcoholics, drug addicts and sex addicts are easy targets as well.


At this level the demon will start using what may seem like typical intelligent haunting signs. The demon may present itself as the ghost of a loved one or even an angel. The point is to gain trust, so the demonic may influence the person and finally take full control. Some signs of demonic infestation include rapping’s, shadows and shadow like figures that move with no explanation, the sounds of footsteps, weird liquids the seep through the floor or walls.


When an individual is under demonic oppression the demon starts to effect the person psychologically, psychically and emotionally. The purpose is to cause the individual to give up the fight or will to live and damn their soul, it said this can be accomplished by suicide.


When an individual hits this level it is called full possession. The demon or devil now has control over the individual thoughts, emotions and behavior. The evil is frequently in charge if not constantly. If or when the person is in control of their body they usually hear evil voices either threatening them or telling them what do at all times.

There are millions of people going through this in silence all the time, i've been through it myself and it's no fun.  on the infestation part sometimes the demons don't even present themselves, they just disguise themselves as a person's own thoughts.  the demons can just sit in your head and give you thoughts and feelings to manipulate you to do what they want, when a person hits this point they are half possessed.  they have some control of their body but occassionally the demon tries to add a little more of their personality into the host body, like parasites. 

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I have dealt with demons all my life but I must say I despise the term "demon hunter" it makes us sound like a joke.

I know this post was from several years ago but hopefully someone out there can still help me.... my husband is in a bad place. He started seeing "things" at a very young age. At first they were creepy stories he'd tell me and I'd tell others to hear there shock and to get a rise outta them. I was enabling everything I think. Anyways, we get our own place and have children. It was way out in the country where he liked it, I hated it but it was supposed to be temporary. The "ghosts" start bothering him again. Shadows here, things moving there, then it progressed to dopplegangers... that's around the time I would notice things as well. Just little things but I was so terrified I tried not too. I even called some ghost hunter people and they were very interested but I backed out after talking to my husband about it. He would see our children go into one room and come out another it was awful. Then one night were outside and we lit some citronella candles and I placed one inside because we left the front door open. We all come inside after it got too dark and there was this crazy looking moth with red eyes hovering over us just watching us. I swear its eyes were glowing and we kept talking casually about it being some kind of sign. Well the next night I awoke to one of my children screaming for me. I came running and our living room was engulfed im flames. Thank God we all got out okay but we lost everything we owned. After some of the chaos died down we took pictures thinking maybe they might be beneficial. We looked at them and we could see faces in the flames. That led me to believe that maybe it was gone you know? Several months later after the fire we had no problems with anything scary or unusual. Then my husband tells me a story and he is inconsolable. I cant go into detail bc he had he couldnt tell me much but he was visited by the devil at night threathening him and holding him down. He says if he tells me something very bad will happen. That was about a year ago and he has changed alot. He is very depressed and he has always being kind of a tough guy but he gets down right mean. Hes so sickly and doesnt eat well. Ive always thought he was bipolar but he wont see a doctor. I forgot to mention a critical event in his time line but in between us dating and the house burning down he had a bad accident at work and broke his ankle. He had never touched a cigarette or drug in his life before then but he had no choice he was in so much pain they had to give him more medicine than the average person, which was very unusual and ever since then he has been slowly declining in health. He works very hard even though he is disabled but there is something wrong with him and I am scared. He has done things he would have never done including giving up on God and religion. He was the one who really got me close with God but now he gets weird when I try and talk about it. If anybody took the time to read this thank you so much and please someone help us. Thanks you so much.

Please help me! From what you described, I think I'm now in the oppression stage. I have been seeing dark figures for a long time now off and on and even physically attacked to the point of complete paralysis, where I could only pray in my head for God to free me from their grip, finally gaining my motor abilities back. But, just tonight, I was awoke by two dark forces in the form of my eight year old daughter and her father. The small figure formed like my daughter was tugging at my hand begging me to come with them. I couldn't speak, but started praying in my head and was finally able to yell out God help me! By the way, both my daughter and father still live so I knew it wasn't them. Then three different times when I drifted off to sleep, a demon or satan himself was making me think I was awake trying to wake my boyfriend for help and in my dream my boyfriends face would morph into something so evil and grotesque, I can't even explain! The third time, I could not wake myself up this time because the force had physically grabbed by arms and luckily I was saying something in my sleep out loud that my boyfriend couldn't understand, but in my dream I was asking for his and God's help!!! I'm so scared to even sleep now! What do I do????

Hey are you still troubled?

The part about the demons/dark entities/evil spirits/etc. not wanting to kill you is not true. Just because you didn't die doesn't mean someone else won't. You never know what that dark entity will do to you. Say a loved one asked a priest to perform an exorcism on you. Say the demon became weak and kills you as a last stand. Besides, my grandmother went through a posession...a terrible one too. She became sick with pneumonia while possessed and died about two weeks later, so...what a coincidence, huh?

i am not a formal demonologist but i have studied this subject for years...
if you are now experiencing "paranormal" things first consult a psychiatrist/psychologist or any expert. to tell, almost 95% of alleged possession is just a psychological matter. please2x dont get me wrong.

incorrect, people like you are the reason why the rest of us are held back. you hold on to stone age beliefs that are incorrect when you do not know anything about the subject you are commenting on. its like a biologist telling an astrophysicist the reason why his rocket didnt break the atmosphere was because he colored the fins red instead of blue.

Okay well I'd rather be called hysterical than what's going on something horrible! I was just concerned. Thank you for your responses!

I don't know whether our not this is happening to me. I'm definitely not possessed. But i think i may be in the being stages of infestation, and or oppression. Moments before I woke up yesterday, in my head there was a voice that said, "Come to me" in a scratchy deep aggressive manner. It dragged the saying out though like, "Commmme toooooo meeeeeeeee." While this happened I had no control of my thoughts or my brain. You think that when you dream you already have no control of your mind, not the case. Compared to this, it felt like my dreams could easily be conducted by myself. It wasn't a passion i felt. My mind went numb some how as it spoke and everything shut off. I remember in the brief moment my brain trying to counteract the voice. But it was exhausting. It went on to easy something else. A full sentence in the same manner, but i forgot the dialog. I feel like it was something like, "You are not your own". Or something like that. But that's the thing, as earlier, your brain doesn't try to counteract your dreams. They just happen like a movie. You just watch while your present in them. This was different, it was a moment before i woke up, so i feel that i might have only been half asleep. This is because I feel as if my brain was strong enough to fight back, enough so, that it acted out in my actions. I felt like I might have started talking, saying things like, "No! I am jesus'!" And, "I am not my own! I am gods!". Which i have to give my brain kudos for because I don't think of myself as a Christian, i have faith, but it it's weak. I often doubt the existence of god. This little mental altercation brings mute to the next thing, don't we intuitively know who is who in or dreams? We sometimes have people we don't recognize stand in or dreams, but though we don't recognize them, our brain identifies the symbolism of who the represent. So when this happened to me, I believe it actually happened, because i recognized it as a demonic presence in my mind. Hence the lash out of my actions. I didn't just think, "Is this a demon, or the devil?" No, i knew it was either of them. Or at least i have to trust that my soul was telling me. Or mind, or brain, etc... I haven't experienced anything else lately. But I've been paranoid since, which is not a good thing to help aid. And this stuff doesn't help. I drew a cross on my arm since if possessed, the demonic energy will will lash out at it or reject it. But nothing has happened so.... Maybe my brain was too strong and knew what it was dealing with, therefore it left me alone? Any ideas?

this is not true, demons gain influence via interaction. they do not feed off of "sin" they feed off solely negativity. what is negativity? it is basically the absence of love in interaction with yourself and others.

All good notes except the part about the tarot cards. Divination does not invite demonic influence. Cards are tools to help with prophecy.

They defiantly do call in unclean spirits, true spiritualism needs no middle man,like cards. or rituals, or magic words

Wow this is so interesting. I have been recently researching this. My daughter is 7 and she has seen a "ninja like man" in the day time looking in our window and then it disappeared suddenly! Two days ago she thought I whispered her full name except I hadn't, I was on the phone talking. She was adament she heard it and said it wasn't her imagination. Since she saw this "ninja man" she is afraid to go to sleep at night (which she never has been nor given me a hard time about going to bed). She sleeps with a cover over her face and insists on leaving the hallway light and nightlight on. She would also go to sleep with flashlights. She doesn't like me taking a shower. I don't know what to do anymore. I didn't want to feed into her fear. She said the man never spoke to her. He also didn't have eyes. Please HELP!

This is genuine. It's not possession but there is obviously an entity interested in the child.

Hi, i have some knowledge in this subject, ask your daughter if this man has a hat and how tall he is, i.e. very tall, tall, 6ft tall. etc.

My little brother used to see a very tall man in our windows at night. Several times. It was years ago.

yeah im currently going through possession.

me too wanted to know about the physical changes of human being in the stages of possessions//????///

Not eating, loss of appetite. Marks on body scratches, blue or purple marks just to name a few

ya its really serious

ya its really serious

just give me a private message on this page ashlipaige.

I really need some help. I have a friend who I beileve is under some kind of poss. I feel his life is in danger and no one is listening to me. If I can explian more into depth please let me know..Thanks. I pray you can help me. my email ashlipaige35@yahoo.com This is not a joke or prank..My friend is dying and no one knows why.

How is your friend now?

That does not sound very good

i need to look up the physical symptoms of possession and the physical stages that a person goes through in order to get to full possession. it's very uncomfortable one stage is where everything you eat tastes horrible and the only thing you can taste is salt.

I agree to this even though I've never been possessed but I do know the behavior of such demons even though this would be the simple way of explaining it.