Physical Stages Of Full Possession

ok these are six steps of what a person goes through on the road to being fully possessed.

1. Lighting of candles- this is a metaphorical lighting of candles.  basically this is where the person invites the demon whether knowingly or unknowingly into their lives by using a ouija board, tarot cards, watching enough masonic symbols on t.v., drinking too much, getting high too much, and so forth.  

2. Human Sacrifice- this is where a person ends up sacrificing their own body to the demon whether knowingly or unknowingly.  the demon starts to put their imprint into the body and getting acquainted with your memories, thoughts, feelings, and overall the whole body.  

3. Demonic Manifestation- this is where things get a little ugly.  the manifestation is where the demon gains more control of the host body, the person could go days by having everything taste horrible, doesn't matter what the food is the person will just feel sick all the time when they eat, the only thing the person will taste is salt.  what the demon is doing is getting into the person's soul and making the soul more demonic, transforming the soul into something a demon can control, demons don't eat food therefore during the manifestation period the person will not care for food either.  the body will be sore and aching all the time, the body will not get restful sleep, the body will feel heavier and heavier because of the demonic energy in the body.  

4. Blood Sacrifice- this is where the manifestation period ends.  where you drink blood and sacrifice your blood to complete the manifestation period.  this is not as sinister as it sounds, the blood sacrifice could be as small as a cut on the finger that you lick so that it doesn't bleed everywhere.  

5. Enlightenment- this period is where the person becomes more spiritually enlightened.  for instance they go to church more often and become more spiritual, they get into satanism and learn about demons and black magic, get into wicca and learn spells there.  anything that brings the person to a more spiritual whole is part of the enlightenment period. 

6. Full possession- after the enlightenment period is over the person can be fully possessed.  the person will never know when they are possessed, they never know how long they get possessed, only people around them can tell if they are possessed or not.  an example was when i went to sleep at a hotel and i woke up to my gf screaming that i was trying to choke her.  i had absolutely NO IDEA THAT I DID THAT.  after the possession was over i was so cold i couldn't stop shivering for about 45 minutes.  it was a scary experience cuz i did horrible things and i couldn't remember a thing that happened.  
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there's nothing evil to me about wicca, i'm just saying SOME wiccans either didn't think to protect themselves from demons, sided with demons, or got overpowered by demons. magic's not evil to me, the intention of the spell used can be evil if it's for selfish or evil means. i mean God doesn't even frown on magic, as long the user of magic is not using it for selfish or evil means. i mean i met a guy that was a Wiccan and his soul was a son of Satan and i've met another wiccan and she was as light as you could be. all the inquisition to squash magic from witches and warlocks was a way for demons to make people in this plane as powerless from demons as possible. look at the crooked popes in the past. do some of them seem like they went to heaven to you?

What is so evil about Wicca or Wiccan spells?This is a bit of going into the old Teutonic Order styled Christian traditions.

yeah anonymous that's definitely a possession. truth why would it be offensive to wicca? i've been through this myself and people that have practiced wicca have probably been through this as well. all demons hate me grim, i don't even bother speaking to demons anymore.

This is pretty offensive to wicca.

I've been possessed on several occasions. Right before the demon took absolute full control, I felt both hot and cold at the same time and was shaking very badly. Possessions by several demons occurred within a short period of time because sleep deprivation made my mind weak. I'm told my energy is delectable to demons and such, so I have to keep my guard up.

dude if he can't remember what was going on chances are he was possessed. demons are excellent at disguising themselves.

my bro has had times where he has attacked me and not remembered it before but i dont think he was possessed because i shouldve noticed a change in his aura color or atleast thats what a immortal told me

i understand what you're talking about willow joan. you're trying to keep people from worrying about you or staying away from you if you seem unhappy.

Omg! thats so scary.<br />
Cuz ive gotten so sick where i couldnt eat n vomited everything,like i havent even been so sick in years.I had fever were I was cold. i can be really negative well only in my mind. I try to be happy and energetic with people.Its like a mask ,you know.Happy on the outside but on the inside..yeah

thats depression, not a demon

i use psychic energy that comes from my body.

how do u hunt thm down

lmao if you're a skeptic then y do you put ur input? no one likes haters.

Haha do you actually believe this stuff.

haven't seen that yet.

That sounds pretty accurate but I think you left out the part when the person starts acting like a zombie or a cannibal. Although thats takes a lot of time do get that way.