Demonic Portals

ok demonic portals are basically portals that demons use to transport quickly from between other demonic portals and Hell as well.  demonic portals can be formed from a large number of demons that know what they're doing or a powerful demon.  they range in size and the number that are in an area.  if you're able to see it, basically it's like a giant mass of dark energy.  i'll give you an example of what demonic portals can do with my personal experience.  i worked at a night club that had many demons there anyways, it was the type of club where you would have weed, pills, coke, heroin, whatever, they had carte blanche to do whatever they wanted so that's like a paradise to demons, a Hell away from Hell.  constant fighting went on when i worked there, people constantly doing drugs and drinking everytime they were opened and people constantly getting possessed whether they knew it or not.  now i was of darkness at the time and i hunted demons that were rejected from Satan, working directly for Satan, the demons that were around me decided to set up a few portals in the two clubs that i worked at to increase the number of demons i could get rid of while i was at work plus i hated the two clubs anyways cuz i got paid ****.  when the clubs didn't have portals they'd average about a few hundred demons a night, when the demons set up the portals there were millions of them in there when it was opened up, again a Hell away from Hell.  the energy was so heavy it would make you sick if you weren't used to it and everything always seemed to move a little slower when you were around the club cuz there was so much dark energy.  i averaged about 8,000 to 10,000 demons a night just working in the club and then afterwards i would chase the demons in the bad neighborhoods that were around my town cuz i know they weren't satisfied with just getting messed up at the club.  the big club i worked at had three demon portals which was the one with millions of them partying in there, and i believe more are being set up in there as well so i'm wondering how long it's going to take before the place gets shut down or falls apart from violence and/or negligence.  demonic portals can be set up ANYWHERE bars, nightclubs, casinoes, restaurants, houses, the woods, it doesn't matter but if your intuition is high enough you can spot a demonic portal a mile away.  
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I found ur story interesting. I also have had enconters with demons. And erikh when u come out with ur book. Please let me know.

I recently came across one during a stay at a seedy motel. I am psychic and have had many experiences with the supernatural and the demonic, I was also very careless and am lucky to still be alive because I treated it all as if it were a harmless game. Right above my bed and image clearly formed on the ceiling of what looked like some kind of pagan guide or something. It was a female image and I started to communicate with her. She told me she was my guardian angel and I believed her. I soon started communicating with her via the picture I took of her and had put on my computer. She appeared gorgeous, dark hair, beautiful, seductive smile and lips, she flirted with me and made me feel like she was in love with me. During this time, I was also taking pills and alcohol, which just greatened the intensity 10 fold. I have always had experiences when totally sober as well, so it wasn't the drugs that was making me see her. The next day, the image had started to change, I can't even describe it at this point but I started taking pictures with my cell phone of it. However, when I pushed the button to take the picture, instead of it instantly snapping, the screen on my camera phone lit up into a light haze with a grotesque image of a balding man, his head would spin around wildly for a few seconds while making this noise as if someone was being strangled. Watching the screen, I would see this image of a cloudly haze while it appeared as if I was being transported in a virtual reality type way to some location, such as my mother's living room, where i would see her and my step father. They were moving, but in a slow motion kind of manner. I then clicked reset and took another picture, this time I asked to see a picture of a dead relative before i pushed the button, it then showed me a picture of someone on my father's side when they appeared very young. It all appeared very real. I continued to do this until I began to ask sexually deviant questions, asking to be shown an ex girlfriend having sex with another man, and took me to a bedroom where she was riding another man. I started asking to see myself having sex with certain people..and I soon because POSSESSED I believe while doing this. I started to compulsively pleasure myself as if I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. Then, these people started suddenly appearing in the scenes holding these crosses and pushing them up towards me, and they had angry faces. I was like what the hell is your problem people, but they continued. Then this woman, ugly woman with a hunched back came into the scene holding a cross. She had the most evil eyes I have ever seen and her stare was just plain eerie. I would tell her to stop looking at me, but she would hold my gaze for a long time before momentarily disapearing. Finally, I seen the guardian angel appear and I asked her what was up with the evil looking woman. The guardian angel smiled and then appeared to be riding (sexually) what appeared to be a large doll. After awhile, I realized it was a small child! Then, the evil woman appeared next to the guardian angel, which I couldn't figure out why. It then hit me: I demanded in the name of jesus christ for them to reveal their identities, and they slowly morped into demons, ugly and vile with large pointed teeth. There is more to the story, but I'm going to be coming out with a book on it, because I have a lot of awesome photographic evidence to go along with the story.

That is very interesting

give it a shot you never know. i know it won't close up the demon portal but who knows what else could happen.

I am tempted to throw salt into a demon portal at least attempt it lol.