Possession While Drinking And Doing Drugs

i'm not saying this happens everytime you drink or do drugs, i'm just saying that when people drink or do drugs their bodies are spiritually more open to other spiritual entities.  the body is more accepting of their environment when they are under the influence of drugs and drinking.  i'll give you an example have you ever seen somebody that got so drunk they blacked out and don't remember anything that they did after that, that's an example of a person getting possessed while they were drinking, it wasn't a long possession and you can't prove it to authorities that it happened of course but that's what happened. drinking and drugs can make a demon's presence stronger in your body as well, they can leave a larger imprint in your body by using the energy that you create by being under the influence.  i'm not saying be paranoid and not drink and everything, i'm just informing you of what can happen, like i've said before you should always spiritually protected.  also when you drink or do drugs your true soul comes out in you, for example with me i'm a werewolf and i actually move faster when i drink or if i smoked weed and it trips people out everytime cuz the average person usually relaxes and i do the opposite lol.  
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Certain drugs seem to open doorways in you that allow you to interact with the unseen world that hod has protected us from having direct interaction with. Combined with sl deprivation its much more effective. Ive had demonic entities show up and attempt to seduce me sexually as well as tortue me via psuedo manifestation s of my fears

I just had the same thing happen to me yesterday when i was seduce laying in bed and they were stabing like something real sharp thru my back going in real slowlygoing to my heart

I don't know about a lot of the posts I have been reading. A lot of them seem to be the way they precieve ones ego and how it is conceived. Although, this statement is very broad I myself implement this idea. What you are saying runs hand in hand with science and spirituality.

I was attacked last week by something not from my world. I was drinking. Was at a neighbors and saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye. He was very tall thin and wore a black hat. Asked the owner and she said she has seen him to. I suggusted we open the door and ask him to leave. So we did. I beleive he followed me home. Then I blacked out. The next morning around 7ish I thought my Husband was messing around lifting up the bed cover and taking a picture of my underwear. I felt the blanket lift off me and heard a snap. When I got out of bed and looked in the mirror..... I had been strangled. My neck was bruised and had scracthes. My right wrist was scracked. I asked my Husband if he was taking pics. He didnt. I know I was attacked by a force that wasnt human. Im not bothered by it. But let me say this. My eyes are open now.

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A possession of me under the influence of alot of drugs has recently ruined my life. I evidently beat people suggested suicide jumped out if a car and smashed into a mirror while blacked out. I dont recall anything but laying down and then waking up to the police arresting me and my girlfriend looking at me like i was evil. She left me while in the mental hospital and i am afraid that this could happen again. I think the demon could have been stalking us for some time and this entire experience has been excruciating testing me physically mentally and spiritually. However it ended up being a good thing in the end, i wonder if possession could be an inner subconscious self possession which makes you release fear and awareness to all except the issue which caused the negativity within you.

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My ex was big into drugs before he and I met. He made drugs and bought drugs most people don't even know about. And he drank a lot too. Mainly Jack Daniels. He would talk about drugs all the time and make it seem like it was in the past. He would watch shows about people in jail, prison, he loved Breaking Bad and that's all he'd watch. He hated being around people, he couldn't stand being in church. It would make him physically ill. He would drink himself to sleep and he was nasty. He'd snarl at me when he'd try to fight with me. He'd say he hated me and I was worthless. When he'd black out it would be in brief periods. The next morning he would act like nothing happened. When I'd tell him what happened he'd blame me. I do belief he was being possessed.

Allowing myself to slack in the respect of my mind and body, has brought me a head filled with problems and questions: as to reviewing who I am, what have I been doing, & where I'm going? Not knowing myself deeply created a situation where I'm putting myself under a microscope. Alcohol is the gap witch opens the doors of evil. When you look at the bottle of liquor see it the same way you would a quija board. Allowing yourself to get seduced by the thought, is giving access to the devil to dance with your soul. It shall throw you around, take control of your mind and tongue. Threw your body it shall commit crimes, and un explainable movements. Alcohol is the wind giving darkness the fury of a tornado, shredding your life into pieces right before your eyes. So the next time your eyes dart at the alcohol, the devil is flirting with your soul. The fight begins or ends there where you gonna go. www.philosofhe.com

Thank you for that comment.

Goosh it happends to me everytime i get wasted , I mean i don't remember a thing , but my friends tell me that i was like someone who is possessed by an evil entity , they can see it in my eyes and everything ven my voice , one time i tried to run away in a forest , and another time i tried to kill myself ... So i say it's possible !!

I think this is so true. I have dealt with a partner and he gets possessed when he drinks. The freaky part is is that the demon/bad spirit in him talks to me and tells me horrible things. He tells me that he wants to finish him and me altogether. I really dont know what to do or where I go to get help. This demon has threatened me many times and it's only a matter of time when someone bad happens... What can a person do???

In response to the question posed and experience you describe above:
I am writing with glad tidings, there is a way you can put an end to this senseless bullying and any future spiritual attack that you could be subjected to.
I myself have experienced many attacks of this sort, untill I realised enough is enough. I now lead a completely peaceful life of no spiritual bullying.
I wonder if you experience any sort of sleep paralysis or nightmares with animals or dead animals, suffer from anxiety or depression as a result of these spiritual attacks.
I have found the only way I could stop these and at first was ver sceptical about this but was through Islamic methods of spiritual protection.
The Quran, which is a book that was revealed to an illiterate man (Muhammad) peace be upon him and all messengers prior to him, was a book that talks of many a phenomena. Some of which science has only come to concer with in recent times (50 or less years ago) using scientific developments. Some of these can be Briefly mentioned now such as ye following:
- the big bang theory.
- the expanding universe.
- the spherical shape of the earth and it's rotation around the sun, And the orbits of the sun and the moon.
- the embryology, and account of the pheotes' development in the wombs.
- the water cycle.
- the deepest seas and the varying pressures and different creatures in the depths.
And many many more scientific facts which can't be explained logically due to the lack of scientific developments of the time (1400 years ago).
Now with all of these fascinating scientific miracles of this book. There are many other miracles of it such as:
- the Quran has not been change by a single letter since it was revealed 1400 years ago.
- there is only one version of the Quran.
- it is easy to memorise and currently there are over 10 million official memorisers of the Entire revelation, and many more not recorded.
-if all books where to be burnt or thrown in the see the only book that will be bought back word for word punctuation for punctuation will be the Quran.
Having stated all of these facts about the Quran, it becomes evident that it is not a normal book.
Now why did I go on this rant I hear you ask.
It's because it talks of another creation that live on this planet with us. They see us and hear us and we do not comprehen them. The Quran calls them Jinns.
They can be good or bad, young or old, male or female, Christian Jewish, pagan, atheist, and Muslim and all other beliefs.
Unlike humans they live for a very long time up to 5-6000 years on our count.
Now in Islam we believe that this existence (jinns) can interfere with us in ways similar to what you have experienced and many other ways.
And I personally experienced very simelar and other attacks from them prior to my enlightenment to the truth of Islam.
Now my next point is that you can seem help. As Islam merely calls to the worship of 1 god. And to place any parteners on to the supreme creator, and sustainer.
Now with the help of the creator who is all powerful you can see the attacks be put to a mere pathetic attempt to scare you which you will just laugh at. As the belief in one god will render fear in the jinns pointless.
In Islam there is a way in which you can deter any attack. Which is through the recitation or even simply listening to the beautiful verses of the Quran. These bad jinns which islam calls shayateen (plural of shaitan, which is a demon) really dislike the Quran to say the least. It tortures them and agonises them untill they can do nothing but leave you alone or surcome to punishment untill they are killed with the power of the words of god (quran).
Now as I have mentioned I was very spectacle to this as I was not a Muslim before, and having given a try I realised it was an incredible spiritual medicine and guidance.
So in conclusion The quran is the way which you can put an end to this. Islam is the way of life which prevents any further attacks. And this is mine and 1.7 billion peoples opinion who have accepted that god is one and that the Quran is the final revelation from the one God onto his final messenger Muhammed.
If you merely agree with all of these points above then you are a Muslim deep down. As Islam merely means the submission to the one God.
I pray to God that he will protect you and all others who are experiencing what you are experiencing and guide you to the truth which will inevitably grant you happyness, and tranquility.
In the words of the creator and not my own. "verily it is by the remembrance of god that hearts find peace".
Please feel free to message me for further questions.
God bless you.

I meant to say Islam merely calls to the worship of one god, and NOT to place any partners in worship with him.

Please type into youtube, Islamic ruqya, which means islamic spiritual curing. It's a collection of Islamic verses which will help you if you listen to them.
And it doesn't matter if you understand it or not, this will affect the forces acting around you and will with the will of the most benevolent help you.

I'm a little skeptical but i'm going to have to read it now. The Quran might have my answers, thank you brother, you have possibly delivered me to peace.

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I'm not religious, I'm highly skeptical when it comes to anything "supernatural".<br />
However I have recently witnessed things which have lead me to conduct reaserch into possesion. When under the influence of alcohol my girlfriend has always been unpredictable to say the least, blacking out for hours during which she behaves in a very unnatural mannor. I have just accepted this until recently as a flash back to some event in her childhood which she has blocked out of her conscious memory. However recently it has escalated to a new level, with her pulling her own hair out and shouting at somebody in an empty room. Finally last night after a party we returned back to her house and after following the "normal" routine she crashed out in bed next to me. After about ten mins she began to speak clearly and aggressively using what I can only discribe as a different language, it was a very guttural sounding dialect which was articulated without slurring. This freaked me out so much I couldn't sleep for the remainder of the night.<br />
The next day she has no recollection of events.<br />
I'm 26 and consider myself to be a logical person with a tough nature/personality. Ergo I don't lend myself well to flights of fantasy. However this behaviour is beyond my experience.<br />
Any opinions/advice would be appreciated.<br />
<br />

from the sounds of it she has too many demons around her or you have too many demons around yourself one. alcohol opens up her up more spiritually just like weed and many other drugs so it would be easier for them to possess someone if they were s hitfaced drunk.

Please look at my response to mscdim's comment. You will with the will of god find it useful too. I have also had many similar experiences.

I have had my own experience with blacking out and remember looking at myself like having an out of body experience! The problem is im functioning and if im looking at myself then whoses piloting my body? I do think a demon or spirit could take over sometimes when im blacked out! I know because 2 nites ago i blacked out i had a out of body experience i found myself in the bathroom indian style cutting myself rambling in latin i believe or some language! Plus i only started <br />
blacking out while drinking after my dad died 4 years ago!

Please look at my response to mscdim's comment. You will with the will of god find it useful too. I have also had many similar experiences.

I've heard that evil spirits often hang around bars and the like, because there are usually plenty of addicts or people who have drunk too much that they can pop into or give suggestions to weaken their body more. They either feed off the addictive nature or weaken them so they can take them over for a bit...or worse.

they also enjoy the drunk or high energy they get off the patrons, they get drunk or high themselves off of that energy.

i tried to kill my husband last night by putting a pillow over his face and choking him . we were driking , we were both intoxicated still before going to bed. we kissed each other goodnight and he says 5 min. later i rolled over on him and told him i wanted to kill him . all i remember was saying goodnight . i never would do such thing or even think such sick thing . i know def. i was possesed by a demon . ! its scary and im worried it can happen again . im a believer and i do know what evil and good are capable of doing . i just wonder , why is evil with me ?<br />
<br />

evil is with you probably because your soul is demonic or the person you are with is demonic. i've been possessed like that myself and it's not pretty, all i can suggest is to get some burning sage, burn it through your house and say a prayer to get rid of demons in your house and in your body and look up ways to protect yourself spiritually.

Please look at my response to mscdim's comment. You will with the will of god find it useful too. I have also had many similar experiences.

weed has given me more clarity than anything else. but hey no one has the same body chemistry, what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa.

I do believe smoking weed kills your brain cells, which never regenarate.So practicly a year of harmless weed = Dipping your brain in battery acid.

don't smoke it anymore, all the good jobs **** test so i made a choice to quit until weed's either legalized or i don't have to worry about **** tests ever again. yeah musolino that does sound like a possession to me. you'd be surprised how often people get possessed even when they're sober and they never realize it. demons are f ucking tricky like that.

well i had drank a little more than i should one night and blacked out towards the ending....I don't remember but i guess i went from being really sad to angry multiple times even crying at times saying he died for us and that the world is going to end in six years...then i whispered into a friends ear and said if they don't stop laughing at me im going to kill them.....i pointed to the back of the party bus and know one was there.....im not lying about this i really don't even remember any of it happening, i just think its odd and wondered if anyone has had anything like this occur to them or anything

Please look at my response to mscdim's comment. You will with the will of god find it useful too. I have also had many similar experiences.

how often do you do it? by the way no offence intended, but most people and authority figures would believe you less if you openly admit you do weed. the first thing that will go to their head is that weed has made their heads delusional and that they dont have any more brain cells to spare.

i'm the type that doesn't consider weed a drug. it's known to be an anti-depressant that can help glaucoma, cancer, cataracts, anxiety, depression and many other things. i can't smoke it anymore but honestly i prefer weed over alcohol, my body chemistry just clicks more with weed i guess. when u do it too often then you start having problems.


okay you know that some of you guys openly admitted you do weed..... i mean no offense but thats kind of stupid.......

i got drunk one time. everyone could not see this ... "thing" that i could see. everyone thought i was just really ****** up and talking to myself but i know deep down in my heart it was more than that.

protection is key. few people have it that's why i strongly suggest people get some in my stories.

im allways in control when i drink i have high protection allready iv never blacked out n i drink a fair amount

yeah I wouldnt recomend anyone to drink either.

im not saying drink alcohol i'm just saying protect yourself spiritually.

Ha I got drunk once and blacked out for half the night. So it could have been a mild possesion?<br />
Hm..well I don't ever plan on drining alcohol ever again anyways.Plus I felt numb the flowing day.

some people take this stuff as a joke until they have seen things.I hav seen alot and I agree with what you said

can i ask what you saw?

yes seeker because your body was relaxed enough for a spiritual entity to take over your body for a short period of time and have fun in ur body at ur expense.

So all the hundreds of times I drank and got drunk and blacked out for hour on end it is possible that I could have been possessed at those times.... That would explain a lot for then and for now..