The Many Types Of Demons

ok there are many, many, many types of demons and i will not be able to name all the kinds lol.  there's too many kinds and many demons are more than type of demon.  when i mean they are more than one type of demon i mean that yes they were created or fell as one type of demon and through time Satan has either given them training to become another type of demon or they went through a series of black magic in order to transform their soul into another type of demon.  i will give you an example of what i'm talking about through my own experience.  now when i first came into darkness i learned that my soul was a wolf or werewolf if you will (werewolf souls were created in Hell don't get it twisted from Twilight).  during the three thousand years that my soul has been around i have had chaos demon training, soldier demon training, speed demon training, guardian demon training, and many other things that my intuition hasn't tapped yet.  the demonic training that my soul has gone through has transformed my soul and carry these traits and skills that these type of demons have.  like for instance chaos demons are all about fighting and war, they can fight forever and they thrive off of it.  the names for these demons are the names that my intuition has used, they can be interpreted as something else to you if your intuition sees it differently.  now recently when i was in darkness in this life i went through an incubus transformation for eight months.  what i did was i chanted demonic chants in order to add on the incubus demon qualities and to open up my body more into darkness at the same time.  what an incubus demon is if you don't know is a male sex demon.  they thrive off of the sexual energy of women and give off a powerful attraction to women when they want to.  i've seen demons that have had more than 12 to 20 types of demons in their being, these are generally very powerful demons.  many demons are different and have many types of demonic training or just a few types of demonic training.  it just depends on what their rank is, what they have done during missions and so forth.  if you want to think of it in computer terms demonic training for demons is like having programs on your computer, the demonic training gives the demons a higher range of skills and traits just like the programs on a computer give the computer more functions for you to use.  
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may higher heavens let rise to fallen skies so to may enternal blood

i have specific questions about demons i was wondering if you would answer if your above claim is legitimate.

may higher heavens let rise to fallen skies so to may enternal blood

What do you know about cambions, aka half-humans half-demons?

I got saved by a demon if I ask him to leave I soon get sick but he no longer messes with me he seems more fascinated when he first came he was a very dark figure but as years go by he gets lighter like feeding off me and protecting me is over powering the dark in him he had a strop once because my partner room a pic of him she told him off and he stormed out the room but didn't try to harm her but my ex he tried to harm and turned out she was using me and cheating on me

Still I don't know if i cant trust anyone that has hurt me a lot that just how i feel.

I dont know if i am or still in love with a demon. he said he is a demon prince that he want me to be with since my soul is mix with light and darkness. I'm looking for someone that can help me find out if he is real or not. Message me on here if you can help me.

You need to get away from him. You may or may not be in love with him, but chances are you're human and he's using compulsion on you. I have a recent experience with this. Tell me- have you been feeling like you're going crazy?

Yes it was like that. Like if i didnt listen to him i would lose my mind. I finally break away from him. I could let him control my life anymore. Not when i have a chance at something real. Even if i do go to hell and he is there. He would do awful things to me. Then again i wouldnt really care if he does. Because by that time i would had have the life im supposed to live with someone that is real and that doesnt have to come up with lies to be with me.

DO NOT, kill yourself for a demon. They will lie, lie, and lie some more to get what they want. And most likely what he wants is you to commit suicide so you cannot be saved. It's all tricks.

Don't worry im not. I'm to scared of dying and not knowing where im going to go in life.

Don't worry I won't die. I want him to. I want to hurt him and get paid back. Just don't know yet.

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since you know so much about demons maybe you can answer a question for me. when I was a child I used to see a demon. it harassed me and shake me awake every night and left small scratches on my face once. it was half pig and half dog, red eyes, long sharp tusks, and huge sharp claws. what is this demon and why was it following me?

I highly doubt that what you saw was a demon. Humans are not suppose to be able to see demons. Unless your soul has been dragged to hell and you are psychic. But I don't think that that is a common occurrence. What did this supposed demon say and do?

How do you see them?

I own succubi and incubi, along with some other demons. They are bound to me. Really, they are no threat if YOU keep them in check and not the other way around.

Yeah you have a succubi and incubi bound to you. Dont trust most demons anymore since i did and i got burn.

you mean there is a difference between a hunter and an exorcist? seems the same to me, but who knows you know more about this than me

Not all demons posses people. Only demonic spirits do that. There are people that are demons. They have been around for a long time and are reincarnated when they die and generally get stronger the longer they are around.

There are dust demons that turn into black dust from light or a human touch, big yellow eyes demons that take a part of your soul and replaces it with demonic powers, transformal demons that form into your fears, and stalker demons that u can't see but paralyzed you at night. There's more but I'll tell you later.