Hello Zakky.

Since Zakky does not allow me to comment on his post anymore i will make my own post to share my thoughts. Recently some of you may know that i challenged zakar to a fight. At first he accepted and was ready to fight me and even said he was going to destroy me. When i was ready to fight him and was excited at the chance to destroy him, he backed out. He started making excuses and suddenly didnt want to fight. This happened in an hour. He was so keen to fight me then when i accepted an hour later he made excuses. This tells me he didnt expect me to accept and keep up to my word. You tell me to ask people about you, and i did. The results were that almost nobody knows you aside from the few hunters here. That does not make you famous Zakar, as there are fantasizers beside you here as well one would be your local emo Bruising. So zakar are you a fantasizer? if you really arent and want to prove it then i say im nice and ready when you are. If you continuous make excuses then face it you are a fantasizer. Stop wasting peoples times and stop screwing with people who are actually TRUE demon hunters here. What kind of hunter misses the chance to destroy a corrupted being. Such a hunter should not be called a hunter, the correct word for them would be fantasizer.
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hey im ready so wat is it tell me how to do it<br />
email it to me

Noxas & Friends logic :<br />
<br />
<br />
Make retarded short insult > Run away to other site.

Its nice that at least someone has the balls to say that there not a hunter.

I'm not a hunter and I've said that before but how would other people know that you yourself are a hunter DooVoo. I'm not trying to say your not, just it's really hard to take anyone serious enough on here. No one has rock hard proof other than what they say.... I'd have a guess that, at the most, 5 or 6 hunters on here are real.

alright ill wait for your final response.

Hey doovoo how many true demon hunters do you think are actually here?

aye im not a notorious villain or some famous guy. Im not gonna pose or something and say "i am the evil king!" ill be frank i said i was corrupted a true demon hunter wouldnt take a chance and say im not, he could be wrong and allow another corrupted being to walk the earth. what kind of hunter would do that? heres the answer, they wont, those who do arent hunters but simply fantasizers.

He was the one who said he wanted to do an astral battle. why would he suggest that if he cant astral travel? Then he said suddenly that there was something evil he had to stop a few minutes later. I said it was alright i could wait, i understand situations like these could come up. A few days later i asked about it and wanted to continue the challenge, but then he continued to make excuses and they were getting lamer.

well maybe he can't astral travel what was his reasons?

I also said id fight him in the astral plane. He agreed on those terms.

That's kinda bellow the belt don't you think for one how the heck would he be able to get to where you are most people are far away from where you live so challenging people to a fight and expecting them to get to where the fight is being held is kinda mean considering it takes a lot of money to travel.


Quite frankly, all your ba<x>se are now belong to us experience project, i will be reffered to as Zalgo, 1st kingtroll of EP.com!

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