Armaggedon, Again?that's The Third Time This Week.

Right, im gone for 1 ******* day, and you start the apocalypse again?
Son, noone is invading, we're already here, we were born here, because we were ******* trolls.
We don't have astral armies, we never did. If you had been chased out by astral armies, than im sorry to inform you, but as i said earlier, we have none.So that really server as another proof that you're roleplaying.
Its only a matter of time untill you get even more ****** up with these lies.

By the way, since ive already murdered this group, and there are 3 actual demon hunters here from 10 roleplayers (Who suck at roleplaying, by the way) Il be using the "New story" button to reply to your posts since you're too much of a wuss to hear it from me, and because you don't want me to point out the obvious.

Give up Nicholas, its ******* obvious already.
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Oh im not Atheist, I believe that God exists as long as you accept him as your deity, which I don't.So practicly he can't do anything, and I can do anything.Well, at least that's how things work for me.

Am I also to understand from this thread that you chased out all my respectable fellow nuts :), leaving some anime nerds, a bunch of trolls here to make fun of each other, and only a very people that are actually seriously interested in battling and destroying negative energy entities, such as myself?

From observing this thread, am I right in understanding that you are a couple of trolls who convinced Noxas/Nick and Nora's infinite douchebag that you were an army called "Legion", and you were bringing about the Apocolypse?<br />
<br />
TheTruth, while I appreciate your frequent Lovecraft references and consider your intellectual savaging of Noxas to be a public service, I am not so much convinced by your language that you do not believe in God, as that you are very, very angry at him.<br />
<br />
While I also recognize that a great deal of what you say about God is engineered to **** people off it is impossible to be as angry at a being you feel is imaginary as you are and still be considered wholly sane. However, it is possible, and I think likely (as I find common among the "fundementalist athiest" crowd, those who, like Robespierre, build temples to logic and sacrifice to the God of Godlessness on an alter of resentment) that you do, deep down, essentially believe in God, and are angry at him/her for some real or imagined slight to you or others.

I would point out, without passing judgement on the message of Christ (I am not a Christian), that most of his followers who have done that sort of thing have not interpreted his message in the most straightforward of manners<br />
<br />
However I certainly acknowledge that reactionary, fundamentalist Christians throughout the ages and into the present have many times done the work of demons while using Christ as a justification.

A certain earth loving god called Jesus also has quite a thing about genociding newborn children burning people alive and throwing you into eternal damnation for refusing to obey him, that doesn't tip people off too.

What's more, humans don't control significant astral armies. If you think you do, perhaps YOU are actually being controlled by that army's leader (this unfortunate occurrance has happened to the "Etheric Resistance". An army of demons "surrendered" to them in Great Britain, and then used them to free and re-shard a powerful demon called (something like) B'varakius, which jokingly introduced itself to them as "Brittanicus" and claimed to be an earth-loving pagan goddess. It's desire to commit mass slaughter didn't seem to tip them off.

Anyone want to bet money on the apocolypse?<br />
<br />
I happen to know that the disruption of the psychic prison that is our society is the last thing the enemy wants.

After the TRUTH?<br />
<br />
Popular Culture: Set’s the Mood Again.<br />
<br />
All this wanting to kill/dominate is again reflecting in the young set by Hollywood & Digital games. (Twilight)<br />
<br />
Is this why you are how to bring peace to the mayhem of Troll/Wolf/Demon? <br />
<br />
Maybe we do need some major catastrophe like a killer asteroid to be coming at the EARTH for all us of to come together! <br />
<br />
Stop the fighting and live in PEACE!

True but there is only 1% of that happening their are common problems like language religion belief culture place and our own Immaturity. But dont worry it will happened after 10K more years

"all this wanting to kill (is essentially negative"
"may we...need some major catastrophe" do you get these two thoughts from your brain to the same page?

God... why didn't anyone turn her into a male Body builder?Now that would be priceless.<br />
<br />
<br />
As for the God coming back part.Oh, im very scared indeed! If god comes back im going to nail his fat pedo arse right back to that f*cking cross where it belongs, the all loving all forgiving god, that will exterminate anyone who does not obey him as the supreme ruler of space.God is cruel and filled with hate, pretty ******* obvious if you read the bible, the only reason anyone is following God, is because they're afraid he is going to **** them big time. So practicly, if God is the "Good guy" than HAIL SATAN EVERY DAY :D<br />
<br />
<br />
But, Nick trolled us... and we trolled Nick... so... this whole time.... Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls?

No you did that, i was creative and sent him her severed legs.<br />
I was originally planning to mutilate her or use my magick demon lawrd powurz to change her gender, so i can see his reaction.Shame i had to expose myself before i got the chance to try it.

God isn't going to come back, because god is a douchebag that doesnt give a **** about humanity,<br />
Im not going to use my astral armies to conquer the world because i never was, or never claimed, i was some sort of Demon overlord, i am an internet troll, nothing more.<br />
<br />
Nick every single "Monster" you fight is a video game villain, your name is from a video game character.<br />
All the hunters you've given "Help" are also rolepla<x>yers, who also fight video game characters.<br />
All the people you've given "Help" politely listened to you because they didn't want to ruin your little internet game.<br />
Noone really cares for you here, except the rolepla<x>yers which we already chased out.<br />
The rest of the people here who still protect you, just protect you because they are good polite people, who pity you, and who also dislike my act of pimp slapping this site into oblivion.<br />
It is in my freedom of speech, to call you whatever i want, i can browse to whatever site i want, and my country has no cyber bullying laws, so your threats don't scare me one bit.You can say you are a demon hunter, and i can say you suck *****, because its in my ******* freedom of speech, i can do anything here, i can even rape your Astral Girlfriend

Say something bad about the flesh of god and you are forgiven but deny and curse his name and he will remember Nd blender forgive you. :) just an insight

<br />
<br />
The organisation name isnt ******* Legion, there is no ******* organisation dumbfuck, legion was ment to be an easter egg pointing out im an Anonymous troll, dumbarse.<br />
The next person to say im somewhat related to an Anime villain group will be sodomized, we clear!?

Eins: **** you legion and your foony *** group of trolls<br />
Zwei: you are all ******* stupid with your dark kind crap<br />
Drei: I want to kill each of you right now ( exposed, seals,[anyone else in "legion"] AND Nicholas[eventhough he has a hawt name:)]. )<br />
Und Vier: the end is coming legion and when it does the true legions of he'll will burn you corpses in a pit of never ending fire ( I hope )<br />
<br />
Noblesse oblige~ <~ lol Eden of the east

Legion doesn't exist.... and watchy isn't part of our group anyways. And seals doesn't take kindly to people that don't know seals and want her dead, seals has one thing to say "I've raised armies of children born of hell try to get me now! MWHAHAHAHA. Okay I'm done now"

Actually one more thing Nicholas isn't a hawt name... but that might just be because my little brothers bestfriend's name is Nicholas.

I can't stand noxas nick Nicholas nora (whatever the **** he wants to be called) anymore I did some snooping like you trolls and found alot more lies then I thought he had... Imma just watch this group now... And tell exposed I know that legion is a trolling group. I just think it's hilarious how worried noxas was in his latest journal. And idk Nicholas isn't reLly that cute when you said it out loud hahaha your right :D

really a eden of the east quote....realy?

Like I said to seals did I put the word invasion in my last post the answer is no I did not and another thing everyone here knows it's coming but they don't know or don't believe it's legion which is fine but in the end every person in the world will know it sooner or latter. And another thing who the heck in their right mind calls a organization legion that spells out trouble right there. And another thing you've admitted to stalking me through the net and you've said you plan on shutting down anything I make that harassment and cyber bullying which both are against the law not to mention stalking is against the law as well. Not to mention threatening on EP is against the rules it says that when you sign up for a account and yet the Staff of EP do nothing about it because your still here.

Also, i see you've made yourself a sockpuppet account, congratulations.

you can be a demon and hunt demons its not so black and white angels arnt always pure and demons arnt always evil

I lot of people on this board seem to get their understanding of Angels from the TV show Supernatural. I even heard someone quote the character Castiel that "some Angels want fire" and then, when I called him on it, he pretended that he did not even know what Supernatural was (which made me more suspicious, rather than less, as it is a primetime show they had "never heard of" but quoted).