Are Any Of U Actually Real And Do U Really Train People

their have been a lot of fakes i have been talking too that i dont think are evn demon hunters and i just like to say im not a demon hunter but i have seen demons and have died twice but came back demons are real i was haunted by them but are any of u actually real demon hunters that actuall train people im no ordainary human dieng and and coming back and being tortued by demons but are any of u actaully real.
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Well I would personally have to agree with you that deamons do exist from my own personal experiences. I have listed some of my experiences and made them attached to my profile as "featured" if you are intersted in reading them. They are not all my experiences but a hand full of them. (it however is a lot to read) I would have to agree with RavenAlexia in that I don't understand everthing that happened nor do I consider my self a demon hunter (I'm meh on the sychology however but not dissing it). I do consider my self dangerous to them by the presence of God on my life. It seems like in my later years they have decided to leave me alone. In my 30's now but I had plenty of experiences even around your age. By the way don't expect all these people to believe you. You know if they are your experiences and that's good enough. <br />
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Since I was filled with the Holy Ghost since about 7 years old and walked and talked with God. Having experienced his presence in my life God has shown him self faithfull to me countelss times as will be visible in my "featured experience" as well. <br />
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Some quick references were one time my mother was being choked physically by a deamon in which the spirit of God came on me and I cast it out. It had been seen before as a gargoyle just behind my father. I believe that was a familiar. It would talk through him when he was drunk also by the way. <br />
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I have had black clouds attack me in which I cast it out by Jesus authority and I think the cloud may have gone back and harmed some one who summoned it unfortunately. My room mate was involved in a coven in Korea called it self the Grey. He was pretty upset later and I never did get to ask him what exatly happened. He would't tell me but I realized a lot of it later on. The black cloud was trying to influence a dream I was in in which I found my self in a dark church with stained glass face windows. Each face corresponding to a summoner with a name below. When I broke the dream I was face to face with this dark cloud in in a spiritual state and physicaly paralyzed. But reguardless of the fact that I could not move I mentally cast it out by Jesus authority and I was not afraid of it though it tried to cause fear to over come me it did not work because I knew my authority. <br />
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I have had many other very unusual expereinces so in a way I do consider my self a warrior but not of my own might. Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of Hosts. <br />
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Zecheriah 4:6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This [is] the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.<br />
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For they over came by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.<br />
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Revelations 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.<br />
Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.<br />
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But I am a bit of an odd ball. I am studying physics. And yet I don't doubt my self in my experiences either. I have had experiences with walking clown dolls, spiritual confrontations, giving prophecy, seeing visions, and a supernatural knack for being unusually lucky (sort of a blessing). <br />
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If I had to give you advice I would say find some mature non hatefull spirit filled christians. If you don't know who that is ask God to show you. If God is God he will. Ask God for his plan for you life. If you don't know about Jesus then read Bible mathew or mark or luke or john and read at least Acts and maybe Romans. From there you should have a good idea why Jesus came (and he did cast out a legon of deamons himself) and if you want to know more study with a group as God leads you and he will but it won't seem like its by the hand. Stuff will just happen and fall into place. Some times he speaks to us in a way that almost seems like ourselves but its noticable. <br />
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I consider my self Christian non denominational in the way that Jesus had no denomination. He just knew the Father and the Word of God. Not everything that people think they know about God they actually know. One time God showed me some one people thought would have went to hell who had committed suicide was with him. That the person had battled and lost against demons but God rescued him from them and comforted his grieving sister later on by a prophecy to her. Long story but I think I posted it some where in a response on this website.<br />
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Hope that helps and that I didn't type too much. Kudo's in fact if you manage to read it all.

thamk u and no u did not

Psychological issues are very real. Are demons involved to create those problems? I couldn't say, but taking psychological steps to get through your issues are a good way to banish your demons. I would listen to RavenAlexa and you might take some steps posted in the thread Psychic Self Defense. If your demons are demons, this should take care of it. If your demons are psychological, those could also be a ritualistic way of curing those demons as well.<br />
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Good luck.

thx u too on ur search and are u bruce campbell just asking.

My profile pic. is Bruce. :)

I'm not though.

ok but evil dead great movie

I'm not trying to be skeptical, and I'd be wlling to listen to what the demons you see are like, but I have noticed a few things that could cause psychological scarring (Sorry...I'm a psychology freak. It hardly ever fails me.)<br />
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I couldn't find any birth complications by the name of "Brochlmia," but while you may not remember it yourself, there is a slight chance that it somehow got imprinted deep in your mind. As for drowning in a pool, an experience such as that has even a slight potential of psychologically scarring a full grown man--such as, a newfound fear of swimming. While I have never drowned, I can imagine that it would be a painful experience as well as a frightening experience--being unable to breathe while only taking in more water as you sink and try to escape the watery terror. This could eventually cause dreams of being tortured, such as your tormentors making it nearly impossible to breathe or holding you under water for a long time.<br />
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And finally, for the big one. The fire you witnessed at the highly impressionable young age of 4. You escaped while other people didn't. As time goes on, you may feel quilty that you survived and they did not, or you may be worried (consciously or subconciously) that those who died now hate you and wish to kill you, thus the dreams of people with rotting flesh on fire.<br />
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However, despite all this, maybe there is a chance that some of what you are claiming is legit. Maybe you are seeing demons in your dreams. Maybe you have shown signs of being dead a couple times, but were rescued before you crossed over. There are many tales regarding dying and coming back--such as a surgery patient's heart stopping, but the patient being revived just in time. It really isn't unheard of. Look it up if you like.<br />
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I'm not a demon hunter either, but I have been involved in what many people would consider "strange," "odd," "weird," "crazy," or "delusional" for five years now. I have seen people with legit problems, legit questions, and legit answers, and I have seen fakers trying to get attention. Back when I was 14, I didn't know much about it and I was skeptical until I was 15. From 15 til halfway through 16, I thought I knew everything. From that point til now, I know I don't know everything so I try to find answers and explanations and way to help other people.<br />
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Some of the people in this group may seem fake. Who knows maybe some are...but then again, we don't know them the way we know the people we see face to face every day. And I know, you said they ran out of explanations. As I said earlier, even though I've been invovled for five years now, I still don't have all the answers that new people will need. Does that make me a fake? Or does that just mean I have more learning to do?

yes i might have spelled it wrong but it was called bronclima and plus i dont like to talk how i died the first time its kinda emmbarsing even though i did when they took me at u kinda laugh at my death really my first one and demons do exist read my last reply dont feel like writing it again lol

In terms of offensive work, you are too young to do it safely. You aren't fully developed on the Astral.

uhm ok

Excuse me if I seem to find it difficult to take a 13-15 year old child who claims to have been resurrected seriously when he calls other people "fakes".<br />
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I can teach you to defend yourself if you like (though I doubt you will be receptive because I don't subscribe to your worldview and this isn't a polite post. I notice people your age will often find "spiritual truth" in whoever is nice to them, rather than actually looking to a deeper sense).<br />
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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
P.S. You know who this kid's post accurately describes? Buffy the Vampire Sla<x>yer<br />
-Died Twice<br />
-fought demons but not a demon hunter<br />
-tortured by demons<br />
-no ordinary human being

i have never seen that show but im serious have died twice and been toruted by demons at birth i had brochlmia and died when i came out my mothers womb but they did surgery rright away and other stuff and brought me back and second time drowned in a pool for eight minutes i had no oxgen but i cameback it felt like some strange presents brought me back and at four my apartments were burned down by robbers a long time ago and some died their and many children welll i was in a drem world and tehy awlways wanted to take my soul and stabbed me repeatdly in the face i wkoeup in a toher dream seeing fires and rotting flesh and my parents turning into demons so dont belive me or ot its just i have been talking to some of u guys who claim and they were lieng afetr the rsan out of explantions i dont mkean to be rude i belive demons though and i am telling the truth
i just want to know has anybody else experinced this

Buffy and Angel were great TV though. :)