Xcuse Me Wtf R U Doin?

Not to be rude but I was trolling here first, I will not have your spamming ruin my lulz fest, to the cooking grounds with you!
thetruthisexposed thetruthisexposed
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I invented the internet at least 100 years ago so I have the rights to everything.

Gore! Is it really you?

I just noticed something some trolls are arguing who has rights to cause trouble ironic considering hunters were here first and it wasn't meant for mindless trolls to be causing trouble so in all rights trolls have no place being here to begin with. Does anyone else find that kinda ironic and funny that trolls are fighting over something they don't have any right too to begin with?

You know what else is ironic, the hunters are trolling themselves.

Ba dum tss!

If it doesn't induce royalty, then as the inquisition found out, it certainly induces LOYALTY.

@Nick<br />
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Heat induces royalty, you lowly e-peasant.

well if your cooking make sure u use a big skillet :}

Yeah we were here first, he/she/it should find somewhere else to be because we ain't leaving.

Probably u make bad tasteful cooking just kidding.

@exsponsed: What are we cooking your body or soul either which would make a very gross soup.