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Do hunters hunt all demonds, just certain kinds, or ones that they know are doing wrong?
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actually, i as a professional only hunt what needs hunted. and usually only for pay. i gotta eat.. and gas is high! demons is a broad term used by the lay population to describe a plethora of creatures. but in a word. not all are hunted. and not all are real. and not all do wrong

Depending on what mythos you are refering to, some Deamons (Greek mythos) are more or less messengers of the gods.<br />
<br />
In short, the most common interpretation of the paranormal is ba<x>sed on the Christian mythos, so Demons are fallen angels, thus ''evil'' but, if you look at it rationally and compare the new testament to the old testament, you will notice a big change in God's way of doing things, raising the following question: Is it still the same God, or did Lucifer sat on the throne?

Personally I hunt any demon but normally I go for taking down the stronger ones and special ones like a half demon I have to deal with at the moment. We are at least I hunt them to protect people that cant protect themselves. that in itself is enough reason to hunt them

so u think all demons hurt people? so you "protect people"? so it makes it alright. and not all half demons are possessed by their other half. maybe its people like you why demons hunt the hunters.

Every demon I've encountered wished only for the fall of humanity. Some I defeat have slain innocents already, and I am too late. But the hard part is rooting out the demons, stopping them before they have a chance to cause evil actions. The world is taking a turn for the worse. This is due to the influence of demons. They build corruption and mistrust between humans, driving them to war. We who hunt them should spend less time arguing abound which group is more just and righteous and more about ending the spread of evil in the world. Is that not what we do? I risk my life out there, protecting thousands of people's lives here in this part of Northern California. I will die one of these days, and it is not likely it will be a peaceful death. But at least I will die knowing that I protected the world in the face of evil, in the name of God. I don't need to belong to a particular alliance of hunters. I just need to show the demons that the world won't slip into the darkness quietly, without a fight. I know that the hunters will be there till the end.<br />
Adfero lux aeterna.<br />

Non narravisti veritatem.

Well your welcome to the attempt to hunt them all but my kind has already been hunted before and nearly whipped out but considering you think all dark beings are demons your very closed minded a dark being can't help being born into existence as a dark being anymore then a human being born corrupted what you do in your existence is what matters more then what you are. And by the way while I'm still thinking about it joph I've been noticing your signature becoming corrupt and evil and since the purge project is still valid I'd watch your back because it's the purge of all beings that are evil. And if you become evil then your far game for the purge. That stands the same for the rest of the astral resistance.

hank you for understanding the kinda answere i was looking for.... ya know someone who isnt quite.... ya know

Is this some type of a joke?

thats a trick question hun its the same for murders or anything do they kill people that do wrong or what it all depends on the person i only hunt them for the truth they swore to tell me and i wont get much more into it but it all depends on the person

Hunting demons for answers doesn't work I tried for six years and didn't come any closer then what I began with until I found someone who wasn't on their side and knew about me that's when I started getting answers

Hunting......no it's more like they hunt me. I just do what I do to survive.

I hunt for self defense. I don't go looking for trouble, most things have a way of finding me. I've had run ins with shadow demons, hell hounds, possessors, and succubi, just to name a few. Things tend to find me. I tend to drive them off.


Heh saying all demons are bad would be considered racest be worned if a demon sets on the path of good and if a hunter attacks it one of my weapons would destroy the hunter as the hunter would be committing a evil act called hunting the good.

I really appreciate all the comments but I also urge you all to keep an open mind and not believe everything you are told it will only leave you vulnerable and bitter from what i have learned in my short years.

Experience is one of the most valuable teachers.... If is visible, you'll see it, if it's audible, you'll hear it, but if it's real, you'll feel it....

dont listen to these crack heads we dont hunt all demons REAL hunters hunt those that the different councils put bounties on 90% of the so called "hunters" on here are just religious fanatics like the dare i say "exorcist" Bob Larson but take it from me we dont hunt all demons only those that have bounties we keep order and make sure the treaty isnt violated by someone who wants to start a war between our kind and the humans.<br />
which dont get me wrong i believe that a little bit of chaos is good but if the treaty breaks it wont be chaos it will be genocide of all humans so its our job to stop those who would harm the treaty and we get a small bit of payment along with it nothing huge just enough for us to be able to survive as full fledged hunters without needing other jobs.

So you "hunt" demons? May I ask "how"? And why would anyone give any bounty for demon hunting?

It depends on how you define demon. Most people on here define demon to mean evil or wrong doing spirit. In that case, those that aren't posers purport to hunt them down and banish or kill them. Some define demon in the original meaning of the word, "an intermediary between man and gods." In that case, the Christian angel would be considered a demon and as a result that "demon" wouldn't be hunted.

I consider evil things evil. A demon, as defined by some, could be a good thing, as defined by others, it could always be evil. I prefer the term negative entity (an entity that is solely malevolent) or neg. for short.

Thinking all demons are evil is like saying all humans are evil corrupt and vile but there are some even though few in number that are not evil. It's all a matter of the choices you make in your existence that determine weather your evil or not. This matter of choice isn't applied to humans only it's extends to demons and many other races of being including angels.

demons are evil...all of them...that is why they are demons. come on now you cant be that ignorant to truly believe any demon has good intentions. they may seem nice at times but dont be fooled. they want you to believe they can be good. **** that. evil they are evil end of discustion. case and point. angels= good

Well I'm considered among a type of demon kind and yet I'm not evil what ye say to that! And choose your words wisely because I have dirt on angels that would surprise you.

You're a what???

Hotdrums if your going to preach then go somewhere else this is for hunters not preachers and in my opinion preaching makes a person appear weak and can't stand in a battle under their own power people like these are people I feel disgusted at the most if you can't stand on your own two feet and the feet of follow hunters then you don't have a right to be here.

Glad to here from you, So you think because I mention God &amp; Jesus Christ that is preachin? You say that is weak? You talk as a fool would. You have no so called power. Where and what do you base your info on. WHAT FACTS If any? Are you just i.to fables / new age junk? A Game? THERE IS ONLY ONE TYPE OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE, read the Bible and get the true facts. The one and only true God is Power, and Jesus Christ is it! The darkside is satin and his demons, a person only has two options 1 is the Lord God and the other is satin. Thats it! You can raddle off some mean sounding words to make people think you are a bad *** demon hunter, but that was the exact thing that showed me you do not know what you speak of. Everyone that I know that has personally wittnessed - heard - talked to - an evil spirit is terrorfied. Just the real evil presents that is in the air before one or more show theirself is anexperence. They know God &amp; Jesus and the bible, and they know their time is short. What say You?

Well to answer your first question as to the opintions of where I get my facts would be none of the above where I get my facts are personal experience and what remember from my past and sure enough I have never once seen a demon flee from the word of god I've seen them laugh at disembodied souls who tried that one of which was the the disembodied soul of a priest. The only time I've seen a demon flee is when they loose a arm of other form of their body only when they get truly hurt is when they experience the fear of death. As for what say me I say believe what you want but when your time comes if your not strong enough not even the word of the so called god will not be enough to save you. And I've seen this kinda thing happen dozens of times and always ended badly and if you go around talking about how high and mighty your god is I see it as preaching because I heard the exact same thing in church word for word and if a priest in astral gets laughed at by demons and nearly get destroyed if I hadn't been there to destroy the demon first now if you say only god can destroy demons then that just proves what I've already said if you preach it's a weakness like a child never growing up and never thinking beyond what they were tought and becoming less then what they could be I'd you insist on claiming that your god like so much other religions say that their god is the ultimate being just proves my point yet again. Hunters are people who have looked beyond the veil and laughed at the horrors they see and decide to make a difference with their own hands and in the end it will be the hunters that will protect the world while the gods just watch in amusement.

Sir, I would appreciate it very much if you wouldn't start controversy that cannot be settled. We are all different people who have the right to different opinions. It may be hard to understand but there are people who will know more than you and people who will know less and we should. I have read The Bible a few times so I know it speaks of forgiveness so I really encourage you to keep your eyes on not judging because in your religion their is only one judge and remember he is judging you too. Every different religion is protection in my eyes. Please don't show your hatred it will only make you bitter and ugly.

I'm just saying the ill gotten truth you can take it which ever way you wish I grew up learning from the bible and I liked it for most of my life but then I took a few steps beyond the curreten and saw the truth for what it was and what I saw was nothing what the bible ever said not even close the light is loosing and the darkness is wining it took me a week to figure put how to fight back against the horrors that live among us every day of our lives waiting to devour us to torment us or even whipe us from existence completely. Even in the after life you can only get as far as your own strength when I got stronger I decided to throw away everything that was said in the bible and look for the truth with my own eyes and bring it into the lives of humans so they may see that they are weak but can become stronger much stronger to open their eyes to the reality that has been hidden beyond the great door and end this illusion known ad normal for there's no such thing to begin with if the light is to truly win the endless conflict every man women and child must know the truth and face the horrors that exist among us because what doesnt get you in this life will in the after life.

Your truth is no more or less valid than someone else's truth. That's a fact.

True but another truth is how can you be sure which truth is the real truth I've set out to find the real truth and make sure everyone knows about it. And I can tell you this what the bible says is anything but the real truth the locations may be real but that doesn't mean the story of the truth is written in it.

Wow great language for a christian. Not trying to start anything, but Jesus wasn't the actual name of God's son. It is Yewshua. Look it up. There is one type of spiritual warfare that you know of and that's cool, but don't knock other people in their beliefs. The bible says you will be judged in the same manner in which you judge others. So believe what you believe and let others believe what they believe. It is hard enough to witness to people about God in the first place, but then having a guy cursing and speaking about God out of the same mouth just makes all of us christians look hipocritical. So try not to make other christians look bad.

I didn't start knocking down peoples beliefs until people started doing that to me so in the end I will judge every living person and even the gods themselves for their crimes against the truth. And reshape it in the way it was meant to be before religions started and trust me there was a before. And the day I stop knocking down people for their beliefs is when they do the same about my beliefs otherwise I'll do what I want when I want which is telling the truth to the ignorance known as humanity.

I was talking to HotDrumStix. Dude take it de-cafe from now on.

wow, ok if ur gunna run ur mouth about **** you dont understand you can take that **** somewhere where they care. you said your opinion...your entitled to it but insulting the hunters isnt cool. i agree demons fear god.
but we ask god for help in our tasks. sorry to break it to ya but sometimes god wants you to do **** yourself and not rely on him to save our ***** every other day. we are warriors so who the hell are you.

I'm a hunter incase you couldn't tell and this is a hunter group is it not?

"The only time I've seen a demon flee is when they loose a arm of other form of their body only when they get truly hurt is when they experience the fear of death."

Demons neither have bodies, nor can they be killed.

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WHY would you want to hunt demons? That is stupid for a person to do. What are you going to do with it when you find it? THEY are the fallen angles with satin that God kicked out of heaven. You can not kill an angle or a demon type angle, only bind tem in the na me of. Jesus Christ and cancel their works at or upon a person and then cast them out and into the Abyss/Hell, the place that God made for them. When a person chooses to do evil or wrong or bad, then this opens the door in ones heart/mind ( so to speek) as a way for deonic power to go to work. A person can be oppresed or possessed, The only true way to handle this is if you are a born again christian. And the power of the Holy Spirit is living in you. This does not mean any church goer - new age crap - or whatever can just do this. I WOULD ADVISE ANYONE TO PUT YOUR FOCUS ON WALKING WITH GOD AND LIVING RIGHT, IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS, THEN THE DEMON HUNTING IS JUST BULLSHIT.

Not all demons are fallen angels and not all fallen angels are considered demons at all true demons are much worse from what I've heard as for why their called true demons not a clue just quoting from what I've heard.

why? ill tell you why...because if we dont who will...we help people. and you are so wrong not all demons are fallen angels

All demons are evil. period.