How To Hunt For Beginers

I use the only weapon that works on all demons: The Word of God.

You do NOT need to know what demon you are up against - it quite literally makes no difference. It is not about 'instincts' or 'rituals' - that's a bunch of new age BS. It is about the authority of Jesus over the demons, authority that He lets me use in His name to cast out demons. No, not just anyone can do it, only true Christians may use the authority of God. But for the few individuals like myself, it does work on every demon.

Whatever other crap people try to do to cast out demons will not work at all. Oh, it may seem to cast them out sometimes - but that is just what the enemy wants you to think. It lures people further and further down a dark road that can only end in one of two ways: the first way is to repent of such behavior and come to God, the second way is death.

I have been doing this for many years and I am an expert on the subject.

I will not work with or train people who dabble in new age, wicca, witchcraft, ancient paganism, kabbalah, theosophy, spiritism, satanism, eastern mysticism, psychic phenomena, or any form of false Christianity or occultism or anyone who uses the tools of any of what I just listed. I hope I am making myself quite clear here, because there is absolutely NO middle ground when dealing with the devil. You either do it correctly or you are helping him.

If you want to become a hunter, this is the first thing you need to learn, and the second thing is that there are no, and I truly mean NO exceptions to this rule.
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just a question how many demons have you sent back/ hunted???

I don't keep count

so were do i begin studying???

The Bible. After that there are some significant books on the subject such as "the kingdom of the occult", "the kingdom of the cults", and "the coming darkness", as well as others.

should i become one or just stay out of it

If you are not sure, then you need to study more and then make a decision.

i have no emotional back story or evil experience i just feel compelled that when ever i get close to god i fell like i need to hunt them more

I have an issue and I'm hoping you can help me, as there is no one I can really discuss such things with in my life. This past weekend I went to the birthday party of a girl in my son's class, at one of those indoor playground places. One of the activity rooms was a disco, with a computer run song list and two monitors up on the wall. For most of the time the kids were dancing, the monitors showed a swirling vortex of static. I knew as soon as I saw them i KNEW that those vortices were a conduit for sending the children's energies to some unknown entities to feed upon. I got a little p.o.'d, so I did the only thing I could think of and not make a scene: I planted my feet firmly, steeled myself and quietly rebuked those two spirits in the name of the Lord. I told them that they weren't allowed to feed off these children, I wouldn't allow it, in the name of Yeshua the Lord of All, they needed to leave these kids alone. <br />
<br />
Everything went fine after that, or so I thought. My son danced so exuberantly that he got a stitch in his side and had to sit down and take a break. Then we went for pizza and cake, the party ended and then we went about our day. Just before bed, my son complained his tummy hurt, so I gave him some tummy medicine and he fell asleep. At one in the morning he woke up and barfed halfway across the room. As I was cleaning it up, it dawned on me that his illness could be payback from those imps in the tv screens. Did I **** them off? Enough to take some small revenge out on my own child? What should I have done, or done differently? <br />
<br />
How do I keep these creatures at bay, not just from my own family, but from the other kids we care about whose parents have no idea that his stuff is even going on? I never intended to be some "demon hunter," but I can't just sit and do nothing when they show up right in front of my face! It seems to happen more frequently, and I feel compelled to fight them. Although i don't fear them as far as my own personal safety, I don't want to get in over my head put my loved ones in danger. Please, any constructive feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated.<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
A Reluctant Warrior

It is indeed becoming more and more common. I would need more information about how you are spiritually to help, just send me a private message and we can discuss it there.

It is a calling, much like the call to the ministry.

can a Christian just decide to be a demon hunter, or is that a calling or a gift from God?

or both?

No, they are not. At least, not in the way that you mean that.

personally I have held both and they don't come in the way you would think. they form you hand the moment you need them to fight. they are very real. I have held the spear once and use the sword almost every night. I`m new to the whole "theres more than just you" concept but I`ve been hunting since i was four

I don't believe a word you say. You contradict obvious spiritual and physical truth. You must be delusional.

there is other weapons you can use to send demons to hell. the sword of the spirit and spear of destiny are very much real