Shadow People

I used to see shadow people all the time. I got so used to seeing them I would invite them to join me instead of just standing to the side and watching everything I did. Of course they never did. The last one I saw was almost a year ago. He was ver tall and slender, and he wore a top hat. I was taking my girl home after a date and because I had to be up early I kissed her goodnight at the car. I saw the tall maN across the way as I went to kiss her and when I looked back up He was standing behind her and his face was painted red and white. I blinked because I was startled. When I opened my eye's he was gone and I have not seen the shadow people since. I do not even know hat they are. I was hoping someone could help me know what I was seeing. Can anyone tell me more about these things?
jalan48 jalan48
1 Response May 18, 2012

lol its called schizophrenia