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Ok, so I`m new to this whole, sharing thing and up until about a week ago I was under the impression that it was just me and a few others in this war. This is what I am and what I know. When I was four years old (almost 17) I sent Lucifer back to hell with divine help. since that day I have hunted and sent demons back to hell with something called the sword of the spirit. I don't know much about the sword itself but it's silver and almost no one but but people that see demons angels etc can see it. I know this is way out there guys but believe me I`m shocked as well. Half demons are very much real. A while back one came after me trying to take my power. It was a rough fight but I sent him to hell. Bad part is, he is back and very much wants to kill me. It doesnt make much sense to me being so young but it's looking more and more like a war is coming. I don't know if other hunters noticed this already but demons are becoming stronger and are appearing more and more.
Now I want to explain my power to avoid confusion. I meditate daily and pray for power. I can form the sword of spirit, the damned (had a time when I wasn't good and fought for evil) and on one occasion, during my fight with the half demon I used the spear of destiny. I guess you could say my power is the manipulation of energy in many ways. I got the idea from lord of the rings a while back and bound power into a ring and it works. I have no clue how I got this power or why and now I`m looking for answers. anyone?
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Is this true, because there are many fakes in this weird world.

No disrespect intended of course.

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Sending Lucifer back to hell as a 4-year-old seems rather exceptional. May I ask you to elaborate on how you know that something is a demon and how you fight them?<br />
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first off.... I`m a dude. As I said I fight them using the sword of the spirit. It is a sword given to those chosen I guess? I dont really know much about my own power even. That is why I came searching for answers. About your question of knowing whether they are demon or not. Demons posses a aura that if you can feel it you will know right away that their not nice. Also sending him back was a fluke... I had help from the man upstairs in doing it so it wasn't really all me.

Honestly I don't know much about it. However, I do know is this. This war has been going on for more than I care to say and it IS heating up at least around me it is. More demons are emerging to fight. on a personal level that I forgot to add. I suffer from nightmares and they are getting worse now. there war and fighting now, not people just dying. things are for sure changing but I don't know or understand to what degree they are.

Hiya :) I fight using energy manipulation too...I've found that most metals and some stone hold energy really well...anyway, as for the reason behind why those like us have these "powers" in the first place, my opinion is that we are just open to it, and willing to understand what's around us. Therefore, we learn new things about defense and attack in regard to demons. I believe that its a mindset unique to those who understand this war and care enough to want to do something to help.