A Little Bit More About Me !!!

I am a walking conflict, I know and preach the word of God but cant seem to follow it very well... I am childishly playful yet angry to the point of vicious visualizations..I relate to and feel more comfortable with animales than people...I have great passion for love,but a very raw cave man like demeanor... my apartment is bare and it doesnt bother me.. My mansion is heaven is a cave surrounded by water... I get lost in watching fire or water...I feel peoples emotions in physical manners and thier pain...which is why I dont like crowds... I dont see an aura but feel the color... in peoples eyes I can see thier distance from Jesus or tell if thier full of ****...I see and hear things that are hard to explain without the bible...I am more comfortable in the woods than in the city...i am afraid of heights and spiders yet in my dreams I can fly and tear satan in half...I have visualized myself having great strength and then watched it materialize here yet I am no hulk in size...I love thunderstorms but have prayed for lightning and had it scare the crap outta me as Jesus explained not to play with it...My first exorcism Jesus was standing next to me leading me in prayer...I could feel demons close to me in the beginning but later had a dream where I tore ones arms off and beat him with them .... things have been different ever since... I can be fighting a room full while drinking a beer at a bar and smiling as I deliver my best pickup line to the waitress...I have had erotic dreams of women I knew.... later I found out they experienced it as I did but not always consentual... here is where my gifts became scary... mere thoughts were happening...dreams were becoming real and my mind felt like it was slipping away. Sight started to develope and I understood my feelings toward people in general .... there is bad in everyone and thats all I could see or feel ... I was a magnet for battle...scanning every environment like I was at war... then I found out that to be happy I had to ignore certain things and look for the good to see it but on most people its so buried that I lose patience trying to find it. I myself am no sin free person but i absorb emotion like a sponge does water...I create environments to keep calm cause my normal state is a crack pipe of anger and fighting. Romans 3:10 says not one is righteous and I am the proof of that yetI try even though I continually fall shortI know I am saved because grace is a gift that none are worthy of but we all are entitled to when we ask for it!
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May 26, 2012