Demon Hunting?

I find it funny that people think they can just hunt demons and kill them. As someone who has studied angels and demons for a good portion of his life, I can assure you, no mortal man has the power to destroy them. God is the only one capable of such a feat, and if the power is granted to a mortal man, then it is through god that is a demon is destroyed.
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agreed whole heartily. however most things people call demons are not demons

Theoretically you can kinda "destroy'' dark demon energy by transforming it into light energy but theres a problem - because of the powers of Balance between good and evil in exact moment make some of the light Dark, because the world must be in balance. And it needs lot of energy too.

That is absolute nonsense. lol

If you dont believe in demons, why the heck are you here?

It's just crazy to believe in demons in general xD

This is untrue. I know I can hunt these demons, because I've studied demons for my whole life and I've successfully hunted a measly 9 demons, but I've banished many ghosts and spirits. This is not a job for the fainthearted, but it can be performed by humans.

What is untrue? Demons cannot be killed. That is a fact.

I suppose you're correct. You've more experience than me in this business.

Again, you're correct. I've said I was wrong.

Noone can "destroy" demons: they can only be exorcised and sent back to where they came from.

I can tell the amount of tutoring and research you've had/done by your answer...<br />
Not alot. <br />
Yes, god has a lot to do with excorcisms, but these are carried out by mere mortals like ourselves - in other words god will protect us, but only if we ask for help and only then by someone fully ordained who has followed god all their life and who is a fully qualified demonolgist. This will be decided by the vatican/catholics who consider themselves THE authority on demonology. I'm not catholic by the way, just thought i'd add that.

Perhaps not destroy their essence completely, no. But banish them back to hell, yes. It works like an exorcisim. There's more than 1 way to do this. research it.