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How can you hunt demons without the power of God or Lucifer? I dont wish to use any dieties power, but am tired of just beeing able to fight them until they feel powwerless and flee. Also, what are handy tools to fight them with? Also, does anyone actually have/use a Book of the Gantle? I dontknow what it is commonly refered to as by humans, but it opens a portal to the realm of Gantle, a prison realm, and you can seal demons in there, as well as other beings. Ive been looking for one of these books. Also, what tools/weapons are good to use against demons? Im used to just resaerching weaknesses, and other information, but the hunter i work with had a heartattack and died, so i fear i may become a target.
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i fight them with a special weapon forged for the task. Never used any deities power, tho i am religious, religion has nothing to do with hunting "demons". the master smith of my school makes such weapons, he doesn't charge to much. the best thing to do with them is to weaken them with a weapon intended for the task, trap them, or hit them with a hard enough hex or spell to stun them then capture them in a talisman. they can then be destroyed by a sorceress or the like at a convent time.


I've hunted demons a lot through the years and never once needed the power of a deity instead I did a lot of training and meditation and developed my own power and I don't banish demons I completely destroy them you can believe it or not I don't really care I just dont want any misunderstandings to happen again.

I know its possable to destroy demons, but only if you dont usea dieties power. How do you fight demons? Whats your weapon of choice?