My History In Brief

(I say brief because I could write for days)
I was born in Minnesota, and despite physical disabilities (muscle weakness for just general info) I was fairly normal. I was the subject of bullying name calling mostly because I required special accommodations, and I carried a typewriter around with me. I've always been able to see or sense things, I am a Empath and a healer. Most any time I had been near some energy that was negative(evil or not) it was quick to run away. I was always reading books on the supernatural, ghosts, myths etc... When I was 12 we moved to Oregon. Prior to moving to Oregon my overall experiences were almost 0 so I thought. The mountain we built a house on and moved to was such weird that a wiccan friend of mine refused to ever stay the night after he did once. At some point after the move I started getting memories coming back, things that I cannot be certain were real but seemed to be and were not dreams I was having at the time as I was awake and these memories popped back. The one that is most prevalent is one where in Minnesota I was looking out my bedroom window which looked out over the driveway and part of the yard and I remember seeing 4 people 3 guys in dark suits and 1 woman walking towards the house and when they reach the grass the memory stops. And my mother swears that I saw a ufo when I was 3, or at least that is what I told her about a orange ball of light fairly big that I saw head towards where one of our neighbors lived. We even called the neighbor and asked if there was ufo in his yard, he laughed and said no. But back to Oregon. I was certain there was a pool of energy around larger than normal, and at one point while out walking on some old logging roads just off our property I swear I saw a spider larger than a horse, moving far faster than I could keep up with far ahead of me, it got around a corner and vanished, and my only thought then was I'm seeing things, and I've never "seen things" that weren't really there. After talking to some people in a psychic chat room I concluded that the spider could have been a representation of the Native American being Grandmother Spider. I am also of the belief but not concrete that around this time there were some outcast/banished Native Americans performing blood magick somewhere close. Where I think grandmother spider vanished in the direction of is a place that just feels evil, there is a old wire fence that is quite unused and all the various posts are rotted to the point of just pushing through them with ease. I have been back there a few times, and after the first time going back there (after getting a 4-wheeler stuck and following the trail) when it felt the creepiest, I swear the terrain changed like a hill now existed where one wasn't before kind of stuff, but I could have been wrong. A friend of mine who is quite sensitive and I went back there and we were not even 1/4 of a mile away from the trail and he said he was bugging out that he wasn't going back there. At a Beltane celebration I talked to a Wiccan priestess and she told me that chances are it was just faeries and they just didn't want me back there. I told her, interesting since I was thinking it was outcast native Americans using blood magick, she turned white and walked away not speaking to me again. I had gotten images of a man kind of like boss hogg from the dukes of hazard in appearance shorter rotund man with thicker shorter fingers somewhere in the LA area ultimately being behind some of this stuff, and it all sounds fantastic I know, and some of it could be as I have never been able to find anything concrete about anything I experienced in this area. I've just about stopped doing anything anymore, but still have all my knowledge and skills.
armanth armanth
Nov 29, 2012