Shadows...maybe Someone Here One Else I Know Does.

My friend growing up remembers lying in bed and seeing outside his window a pair of red eyes walking past, no real features just red eyes. They stopped turned looked at him, and like any kid would do closes his eyes with the "if I can't see it it can't see me" mentality. When he opened his eyes for the "is it gone yet" not only was it still there, but it had moved into the room with him. It scared him, but never did anything besides stand there and eventually just "poof" vanish. In trying to get him to describe this this, all he could tell me was that it was just a shadow with red eyes. Having at that point never seen them it didn't describe anything I was familiar with other than a shadow. Was maybe a year or so later from him telling me this (in Oregon) that in the woods behind the house(on the mountain 41 acres of timber) I finally saw one, but it didn't have red eyes or anything I could see were eyes. The best way to describe it, since his description was vague, was this "imagine that movement out of the corner of your eye that when you look it's gone" Now imagine that movement didn't dissapear, that is roughly what that looked like, it was vaguely humanoid in appearance i.e. stood on two legs, had two arms or arm like appendages, had something similar to hands but didn't focus on the lower features. It didn't seem aggressive and my attempts to communicate did nothing it just stood there. I've seen a few more since, and only in or near wooded areas, makes me wonder if they are some sort of guardian being? I have also never seen any of them with red eyes or at least those I've seen have never had a reason to use that ability(assuming that they are the same creature)
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Sounds like a Shadow Demon. Apparently, they're a growing problem.... Private message me if you wanna talk, maybe I can help....

They are beings that occupy the inbetween. They are neither here nor there. It's very hard to explain them. Always has been for me. I've seen them since I was 8.