Looking To Find Answers

I have always tried to live a normal life but the supernatural seems to come looking for me or I find myself moving to an area full of it. Psychics freak out around me and I am unsure why, some have called me the child of someone I will not name here and others have called me a light bringer. I exorcise demons only when I absolutely have to but I generally try to find a peaceful resolution to have them leave. I am looking for answers if anyone has them and to make some new friends here. Glad to meet you all.
Rael85 Rael85
26-30, F
6 Responses Nov 29, 2012

You are an angel in human form, right? How did you come to this discovery? You certainly seem to have the demeanor and insight--you are very polite.

I am...I am not really sure how I came to the discovery it more so came to me

...maybe you are one of them,

but you can still choose for WHICH side you want to FIGHT or be on...

demons are NEUTRAL,

and have FREE WILL to work for either light or darkness.

Thank you for your insight and opinion.

you r the demon of urself

Well I will say "demon" is one name I have never been called before. Thank you for your input though.

I'm learning about my emotional side. I am interested in you. I'm very open-minded. DominantFriendly

Thank you for your interest...I think

That was my initial thought but I did not want to assume anything. DominantFriendly if this is your interest in me I apologize but I am not interested.

I read the bible out loud and keep the Jesus channel turned up all. Ight. That got them out of my home and my head

I have visited many places and move every few years maybe I will visit there next