Happening Again

When I was younger I would see a strange looking man from time to time, but no one else could see him. He would always tell me to remember who I am and I could always come home. This was before my family was killed and after that he disappeared. I moved on with my life and grew up surrounded by the supernatural and always having more questions than answers. A few nights ago the man appeared again and I have been seeing him more and more now. He says the same things to me as before but will not answer questions. One day I hope I have more answers and fewer questions but for now it feels like my past coming back.
Rael85 Rael85
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Thank you

its the memroy of ones u have lost all they want is to show u they remember and love u.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion thank you for your response

... maybe you are SOME ANGEL...

maybe he is beckoning you to REMEMBER you SPIRITUAL NATURE,

and why you are here.

OTHERWISE you would have gone with them,

but you still have a purpose to fulfill here...

maybe you should FIND out your spiritual purpose,

get in tune with it and live it out,

to TOUCH lives with it or something..........


sounds like some SPIRIT GUIDE lurking around.

I am unsure if you are serious or sarcastic here.

... I AM SERIOUS, death or the other side will follow you because you need to get in synch with what you need to bring from the other side, if that makes sense.

It makes some sense yes. I have always been skeptical when called an angel this is why I was unsure if you were sarcastic or not lol.

this is incredible... i hope ur parents r fine

My mother and grandparents were killed when a small group set our house on fire when I was 5 years old.

How'd your family die?