The Monster Inside

ever since i was born i have been cursed to have a monster inside of me. it be not demon human or spirit. its troubled me for some time now. some times id black out and he would take over.. i hear his voice very often.. saying he was in this body first even tho that may be true.. i was made so he wouldn't hurt any one... he takes over some times still. each time gets more painful. he calls him self the demon eater . he dos scare me in many ways for what he is i know not.
AngelxVanxRosenstein AngelxVanxRosenstein
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Your gonna have to do what you feel is best. In my view and what I've been through, I believe you need to talk to someone who is spiritually strong and you trust. Your gonna need some help and I'll continue to pray for you, feel free to ask anything you'd like

Dont go to the guidance counselor. Pray a lot keep the Christian channel on all night and read the bible OUT LOUD that should cure you

Split personality

Have an open mind; have you ever heard a demon speak, or have you seen one? That could be classified as schizophrenia. If demons can do other terrible things, why wouldn't they have the power to cause effects in a person that are similar to D.I.D., or any psychological disorder? For some, this group is the only place they can go where they think someone will believe them. I'm not saying you have to believe them, but don't go shooting down someone's experience just like that.

I've dealt with both actually.