Odd Is The Only Word For It

I've had experiences more terrifying than words can describe. Worse than anything a poltergeist could do and much more depraved than anything I've seen in movies. Though it got to a point where enough was enough. I decided to take a stand and no longer fear anything. I don't want to get into detail what I had to deal with just know you can message me for advice.
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hey, im new to all of this but my friend is into this stuff but im worried about him. cause he never sleeps. and he hides alot about it. just wanna know what hes upto and if i can help.

I too have suffered hearing a voice that was not my own. I'm so sorry. I had a nervous breakdown 7 years ago and I would hear myself say "you should kill yourself" I think that's what they want

Kinda sucks when people look down on you for telling what was going on with you. Kinda funny how it was 7 years ago for you as well

In 2005 I met a man at a party that claimed to be the Devil himself. Now at this point in my life the only response was "yea right buddy" then he starts telling me **** that has happened in my life and stuff that's going to happen. I was a bit taken back but I was like screw it. I got blacked out drunk and passed out and forgot about it. As the weeks went by I started notice odd things going on. People I didn't know walking up to me and just staring with a smile like they knew something. Horrible dreams of demons. Then a voice appeared to me in my waking hours. Now you can call it me being schizo and that's fair but it's not the case. It would torment me for hours, telling me it would only leave me alone once i killed myself and it got to a point where I couldn't leave my room without being terrified. It would tell me stuff that was going on with people I know which turned out to be true. It told me about someone I knew that was going to die soon and that came true too. It went on for a very long time until I got sick of not having a life. I went from being an outgoing social charming guy to a shell of what used to be human. I told it I would no longer submit to it and that I was stronger than this. I took my life back with my inner strength and will. It maybe I just got lucky. I don't care if anyone believes me but its the truth. That's why ever since I've lived my life to help others and even though I'm a selfish conceited ***** at times I always try to do what's best. I'm here for anyone who needs me.

you have passed your test you choose the side of good and overcame that which is evil you acomplished a feat that many have failed you can understand the power of good use it well cast out that which is evil you may concider yourself special but know this every one is given the choice good or evil only most succumb to the evil and are corrupted by it but seeing is how satan offerd you this choice personaly tells me that you may be a very important person in the future so i am glad you chose the side of the light you should know that you are not alone many walk the path of light including myself and i will aid you if need be i not only understand what you went through i have experienced the evil first hand

Yeah, met him & lots of his friends.., he's got one heck of a Sales pitch.., but I knew it was BS.., If you sell your Soul, its not like a trade.., its giving it to him.., his exchange or offer itself is the results of the absence of a soul, No more Pain, no more Conscience, no more Emotion holding you back..., its a Well Delivered Sales pitch for a line of bullsh*t....

Because Its not selling a possession , its willingly giving away the very essence of Your Self..., which makes your body an empty vessel for Demons
Wasn't born yesterday... Unfortunately his offer was more attractive to Many others,

I Believe in God, & in the one called Jesus Christ..., Because I KNOW they Exist. It's not a matter of faith or Belief.. Just knowing.., & I know I am very lucky for this.., I suppose the word is blessed..

Question for You people..:
Can You See???

or are of the number of those who having Eyes See not??, an interesting question for me in a Discussion board such as this.., How many have true sight...

Offered me Everything: I could have money just Take it, power Take it, After turning him down he kept trying & trying, offered to give me back The woman I loved who left me, had a dream - nightmare -part of the sales pitch : where I went in the bathroom looked in the mirror & my eyes were glowing red then walked out & started levitating things with demonic power..., Like I said - a dream part of his Sales pitch Offering me POWERS,

But it is He Who wants US , because We are his power...

Gods Creation is the True Power.


Actually maybe I should share what happened. It's gonna take a minute to write but here goes

Sorry but I don't feel being descriptive is helpful. Nothing I've read on this site remotely describes what I went through and if you didn't experience it you would never understand. There's more to demons than shadows and red eyes and scratches.

No ****.