Man In Black

He came by today, not even a week has gone by. He wakes me up, and i wake up faster than he can come near me, and show him my iron sword, but now he is getting brave. He now is brave enough to talk to me. He talked to me, for the first time i think in a while. All he said was something in Latin or Spanish. I asked my parents what it ment as soon as it was told to me, it was about 1:30 am, and my dad, still half asleep, said it means Un-pure, or something like that. I feel like he is breathing down my neck now a-days. It has gotten to the point where i don't want to sleep in my room anymore, but i refuse to give it up to some **** head. He tries to scare me, and the scary thing is, that i think it is gonna work sooner or later. I need help.
Grayline Grayline
13-15, M
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I would say if you can get your place blessed or cleansed, make sure to be present when it happens. Burning a bit of insense could possibly help to ward him off a bit also.
Other things you could try is a dream catcher, or burning tabacco or sage before you go to bed.

Burning sage wouldn't hurt either... works better than most incense....

First, the fear is what the demon uses to try and control you. Do not be afraid! Get angry and remember because you are alive and have a body, you are stronger in so many ways.

Second do not cover your window.

Third matter what you believe, demons fear judgement because they never lived and so therefore are condemned without a chance. Remind them that in the end they will face a higher power.

My friend build up your knowledge and believe in something. Even if you find yourself on a hike in the woods and you make your faith. Just remember it what you do with the time that is given to you.

The Saint Christopher amulet my mom gave to me seems to ward him off better than my iron cross, it allows me to sleep more too. But i don't know how long it will last.

ok you have to understand that the church has done alot of good in its life spane but it has also committed unthinkable acts of evil as well the good energies that are basically absorbed by objects is what wards off evil spirits your the cross has been used for both good and evil this is why it does not work your amulet was used strictly for good purposess and it contains a certain amount of good energy and that is why it works against evil for only the light can cancel out the darkness a rune of protection is also a very usfull item to have even though it is pagan in creation of the thousands of years it has existed it has only been used for good intentions to ward off evil either will work but a rune of protection placed on every wall in your room will work better then your mothers saint christopher amulet you should were your amulet and use the runes to protect your self from evil listen to me or dont i dont care it is your problem not mine and praying is good and all but it will not save you not from this

private message me... maybe I can help....

Pray a lot and keep the Jesus channel on tv all night and read the bible out loud that will solve it

I don't think i have that channel, but i will search for it.

it is more than likely an evil spirit research protection rune put them up on every wall of your room and no evil spirit will be able to enter if it wants you to do something evil say no