I Want To Learn To Hunt Demons

i want to learn too hunt demons so that i can protect my family from what is after me and my sister. if you know how to hunt demons message me or leave a comment below.
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there is not much that you could do young one just focus one protecting yourself and your loved ones learn from your experiences and keep an open mind if you are ment to follow this path you will know walk the path of light and you will fear no evil be a good person you must find the light within this sea of darkness find the good energy and use it

Sorry kid, and this goes to very little kid out there who gets on here and begs to be trained, but no real hunter is gong to train a 13 year old to hunt terrible creatures that will one day kill you. If someone offers to meet and train you, don't go. Probably a *********. As hunters, our lives are miserable and we and our families are in constant life threatening situations. No hunter would want that for a kid

im a demon hunter for 2 years now and all i can say is every hunter i found does so in his own way. one person casts them out using the word of god. another a pagan uses protection magick and i personally as a willing host to a demon myself use Demoniac Magick to banish those that prove trully evil. all im saying is if you trully wand to hunt a demon do so in your own way this makes it much stronger

ok i dont know you but i have a question for you do you believe that there are both good and evil demons and do you believe the demon that is within you is evil basical what im asking is if you have a demon in you then you accepted its terms i believe all demons are evil in essence so basically what you are saying is you use evil power to smite evil power but evil just strengths evil so how is using demoniac magick helpful against evil makes no sense usless of course you claim that this demon within you is good so what do you believe is with in you the light or evil

I too am confused about the Demon thing, how would you do that?

Monkeyman4200 - my answer is its neither initially it wanted a host and i wanted to know more about them but when either a demon or even a hunter comes after me he protects me however i will not deny their are negative traits like agression and sometimes even hatred but dont we all have negative traits. im just saying i believe them to be like humans they can be evil or good it just depends on who they are

dont fool yourself you made a deal with evil and now you are trying to make it out like its a good thing every one chooses a path to walk the demon played you like a pawn and it still is you chose to walk the evil path and the power blinds you walk de camino de santiago for the sake of your soul the demon will have no sway on you once on the path of the pilgram and then you may see clearly this demon is only doing what is good for itself not for you what was the deal it wanted what did you give it

do you believe yourself to be good or evil it is a simple question

it sounds to me that you are a good person that made a bad deal

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The true demon is what is in our hearts. Beware casting out demons. If you cast them out and don't fill it with something he will return with seven others.
Read Luke 11:24-26.
Read your Bible and be open to God. If this is the path he wants you to be on he will provide you with what you need. Exodus 4:11-12