Demon Is Following Me.

there is some sort of shadow-like figure that follows me almost everywhere. the first time i actually saw it was about three weeks ago. me and my dad were walking down the street to our house after my boy scout meeting when out of the corner of my eye i saww something move so i turned my head to see wat it was. walking towards me and my father was a shadow figure. it was bulky and about 5 ft tall. my dad asked me wat i saw and i just said "nothing i thought i saw somebody". i only said this because my family is full of skeptics. then one time at school me and my friend were just talking (he believes in the supernatural) when all of a sudden it felt like it was 30 degrees which was strange since we were in gym and it was like 75 degrees in the room. he asked me why it was so cold and i replie to him "oh its okay just a demon who is following me and wants to kill me but heeeeyyyy". not much happened after that just getting scratched and feeling like im being followed.
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Hey, I may be able to help... private message me.....

k its not a demon try spirirt and just because it is around you doesn't mean it is trying to kill you dont just jump to conclusions if it is not attacking you then leave it alone and it will prob leave you alone unless you **** it off by doing something stupid

but it f****** attacked me already.

how what did it do to you

threw something at me

That very well could have been it defending the area in which it died, or it could even be a vengeful spirit that's pissed because your in it's territory.

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