A Challenge

Comment if you think i post false information, and say why! Comment if you think i am ignorant and why! AND TELL ME WHY YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING! I wish that if 10 people seriously tell me i am wrong that i should do this, have a topic start between me and the ONE person you think knows the most about demons and other supernatural things and we shall discuss in a respectful manner our views. Others may comment on that topic, but CANNOT be disrespectful or help either side.
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I -know- you post false information simply because all your posts have been inaccurate, or simply almost cartoon-like BS. Plain and simple

So, something happens that hasnt before, so it has to be bs? Besides, you say ive never posted accurate information? Well, who says this hasnt happened before? One out of onehundred learn something no one else does, 3 generations down the line, how many people know that information? Humans are still in the dark about this subject, we know nothing, so finding our knowlege expanding is that hard to believe?

i just wanted to point out how rediculouse the yin yang question was. as far as the moral aspect of it goes, its imposible to trulely comprehend the very meaning good and evil for any person because its imposible to see the big picture being the finite creatures we are, so azuras answer of god is quite acurate. just like you might view a raging forest fire that destroys miles of forest and kills/displaces wildlife as evil, the reality is aside from the more obviouse fact that it dumps tons of carbon back in the soil, it allso clears overgrown underbrush making a beter envirement for larger animals and creates praries where grasses and flowers can thrive, thus creating a healthier more bio diverse region.
and i dont care to discuss the energetic representation, takes far too long, like explaining electricity and lightning... its just that any argument on such a topic between two ppl can last a lifetime, both parties will defend thier own beliefs to the point of violence, and in the end both parties are probably wrong, which doesnt really matter because its not something thats really "testable", just a thought...

And if that answer was given, about how ridiculous the question was and explained as you did, i would have taken it as the correct answer

My, my this escalated quickly....I don't believe any here have a right to judge or claim to be perfectly correct in their information. You should be learning from each other not arguing about who is the most correct or has the most knowledge.

If you lokk, i never claimed to know everything, i even said that, i gave him a chance but he acts and talks like what he says is right is right, so i felt that it became pointless to talk further

Yes I know, I was addressing the post as a whole not directing toward any one person lol

I never stated in my comment that anyone claimed to know everything, if you read my post I stated that "I don't believe any have a right to judge or claim to be perfectly correct in their information". The point I was making was that instead of arguing over who is correct or has the most information people here should be attempting to learn from each other with a respect for their peers.

Ah ok, I sincerely apologize for the confusion

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Well... Anything is possible I guess. ^^ What things do you hunt?

I mainly try and close portals and prevent certain demons from entering this city, i have people to protect, but i also know how it feels to be wrongly judged so i find out what a demon is doing before banishing or destroying or whatever term you want to use.

Also, i try and find unique demons, its fun actually, did you know that there are only 2 true born hellcats left? Ive only spotted one of them and it was only for a few seconds, but still, its fun.

I see, yeah I suppose it's best to check which one has bad intentions. No I didn't know, what's a hellcat anyways?

Its like hellhounds, but cats. You should know what hellhounds are

Yeah demonic guard dogs or something.

In a way, they are like demons but in dog form, hellcats a cat equivalents


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