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I am following up like I said I would. You wished me to state why I thought you were a fake.....

There are no 'cat demons' named Felix, which you referred to as female. Felix is a masculine name.

There is no demon documented as grefskull nor gallafrite ANYWHERE and I assure you I do not lack books on demons.

A daemon was another word used for spirit beings and metaphysical beings.

A demon in Christian lore is a fallen angel. The reason is they cannot be killed in a traditional sense is because they lack souls. They also do not have corporeal form which is another reason. They are not technically living therefore you cannot kill them. Same way you can't kill a ghost. They also are not native to this plane in a sense.

I am not Christian and have been a strong advocate AGAINST the assumption you must use god to banish or exorcise them.

Given your age despite what experience you claim to have does not qualify you to teach or train others and your obviously made up names reinforces this opinion. I have also noticed a trend where you wish to call everyone closed minded. I was always told be open minded but not so much your brain falls out.

I have also noticed you drastically twist people's meanings to try and make it sound like an attack and that your the victim in this. Given you are already well on your way to making a great deal of enemies here it would be best if you moved on or made your own little group for whatever it is you want to believe. No one, even yourself, will gain anything by remaining here. If you do it just proves that you are merely here to troll.

As for my credentials? I learn a lot from books and field experience. And as I mentioned lore which I will expand upon. I never said nor implied I take it at face value. But all legends are rooted in true events. I simply follow the trail back and compare. It's called common truth. Like deities. They are documented in all cultures since the beginning of time so the common truth is higher powers do exist. See what I just did there? Followed lore to logic.

I also wish to point out you claim to have learned from 'ex hunters'. Well there is no such thing. Anyone who has ever hunted anything of a metaphysical origin knows that once you've hunted your in this life forever. You don't simply quit. Several reasons why.

1. A sense of duty. How do you stop protecting people?
2. Once you've hunted you have made yourself known to other beings that normally wouldn't bother. You will forever more attract attention.
3. You will always have to protect your loved ones and/or yourself because you have become known.
4. The most obvious reason, you don't have a long life expectancy.

As for summoning. This goes against the purpose of a hunter. You want to force something to serve you that shouldn't exist on this plane to begin with? That you are supposed to hunt? Kinda contradictory. Aside from that it forces tears in the veil allowing more things to slip through, another contradiction to being a hunter.

The fact you are blatantly disrespectful to strangers and obviously disregard natural order (the veil and higher powers) is what makes me highly doubt you are a legit teacher. A kid 'teaching' other kids does not make you legit.

Another note of my credibility? I have 20 years experience in magic and 10 years experience hunting. $10,000 spent in literature. 15 years of research. THAT is what qualifies me.

I admit I don't know everything but I know a hell of a lot and metaphysical warfare IS my specialty.
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I think I already ran him off.

no its his way he knows im after him and i will find that little evil **** or maybe he may have enough balls to except this challenge it is the second time i offered it but i guess satan is afraid of me or he is lying out of his a-s-s either way he has decidded his own fate by the bullshit that comes out of his head if it be real then even more reason to put a stop to it there are crazy people and then there are crazy people that will enevitably commit unspeakable acts of evil this man / puppet is the second version of the story and i cannot allow that to happen

Umm dude... He's a delusional child. Calm down. We're hunters, we kill monsters, not crazy people. Then we'd be nazis.

at first half a year ago i thought crazy now im not so sure why give him the benefit of a dought i say take notice this person might not be lying he is starting to convince me and this evil must be destroyed that is what i do what do you do and what is your definition of a monster

and no he is not a hunter he claims to be possessed by satan and that he is building an army for his master he is not the first crazy person to state that but he may not be as dilusional as we think and he also truely believes that he has been to hell and back with satans aid this person will commit great acts of evil within his life span you say you hunt monsters well this person is just that

Actually he believes satan came to him and has him spreading the 'the real story' in which hes the victim

Sounds like religious delusions... And one too many readings of Paradise Lost... >_> lol He's not the antichrist, though. Haha. Many kids have made those same claims to sound cool. But everything he claims to know is all BS. It kinda disproves his "I'm the Devil's progeny claims". Also... We are talking about, ya know, the Devil. Isn't he kinda just something demons tell their kids in demon-Sunday school? The big bad fallen angel who will come be their savior and let them rule the earth?

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Also, sheangel, after reading this the whole way through i typed up a huge message, but i decided to say screw it, you arent worth even a speck of dust. Its to late to help you see how flawed what you say is, and you say that remaining here proves i am a troll? So, jesus is a troll, so george washington was a troll, so abe linoln was a troll. These 3 people knew what was right, they were, with the exception of washington, very hated. Despieed, but they knew the truth so they stayed and fought to get the truth out. So call me a troll, bash me, any of you. I will even point out stuff you forgot to bash, because at the end of the day, the truth is still the truth, and even if only one person finds that truth and from it finds the light that guides their path, then that one person will be successful. That one person will find the way. So bash me, rant, discredit me, i will still post my experiences, i will still post what i have found to be the truth so i might be able to touch that one persons soul, and they can lead there life, they can live in the light. So do what you chose, any of you. I have gone through everything imaginable and am still here, standing tall and proud, so i will fight to teach what is right.

Self righteous much? You asked us and we answered.I don't have to discredit you. Your doing a fine job of it all on your own.

Yes, i asked for an opinion, yet what do you do? You take that as an opening to discredit me, bash me, call me a troll and a liar, and why? Why did you decide to do this? Because youre scared by the fact that we dont even know 5% about demons, probably not even 1%, and that most beliefs are theories, not fact, so when new knowlege comes to light that is as different from the norm as mine you jump at the chance to silence it.

Wow your still so far off. You came here calling people out. You asked. Are you that stupid that this is surprising? I didnt bash I answered a question and spoke my opinion. Don't dish it if you cant take it. No real credible person acts the way you are. Sorry but its true. You simply twist words to try and sound the victim. Your actions, lack of knowledge, attitude, the way you carry yourself is what tells me your a child. And honestly I think any that would learn from you are idiots.

If i am wrong on everything then, prove it. Comment about everything i said, prove it. And tell me, how havent you bashed me in previous comments? And you say that everything i do and say says im anchild, how? There are people out there, like me, who have literally gone through the worst. How many times have you been leagally dead? How many of your friends have died in your arms? Has your sister ever been a sex slave? You know nothing about the real world, so you claim to know about demons? I will say this and then i am done, you **** me off to much, you are an isolated fool. You havent experienced the real world, you havent experienced demons, you are locked in your fantasy, you look up, and wait to find out what to say to convince people you belong. Grow up, the world is falling apart, and we dont have time for you or other people that are trapped in their fantasies, if we want to fix this world we need those willing to accept the truth, the truth that no one knows the truth, that everyone has experiences, but are they unique? Maybe, but if you think you know the truth then you should be the one that leaves. Anyone that claims to know the truth should leave, those claiming to want to find the truth are humanities last hope.

I did prove it. Several times. When I got to sister was a sex slave though I cracked up. You overused the shame tactic hun. So how about this how about YOU prove it. And if you read any of my stories you will see fitting in is not anywhere near a concern to me

Thats ******* it! I dont ******* give 2 ***** anymore about this demon part of the discussion, no one ever says that about my sister! You ******* *****, you dont understand anything, do you? I dont care if this ******* post gets me banned, but noone ever mocks sex slaves or makes a joke about it! **** you! When we finally found her again she was on deaths bed, she was a real angel at heart, and you put angel in yourname, **** you! Say whatever you ******* want about me, but the minute you say something like that is it! And if any person still ******* sides with you in this debate than they can burn in hell with you!

I would ******* kill you but then my sister would be mad at me if i see her in the afterlife, you ******* *****

Ohhhh struck a nerve. If your sister had indeed had that happen then I doubt you would bring it up to sway an argument. Thats far more tasteless than what I said. I also doubt she would condone you wishing to make demon servants. *tongue in cheek.

Also you can try, wouldnt be the first. But it would be the last thing you tried.

Veru sick game you play.

**** you! You think you know ****, do you? And when the **** did i say demon servants? I didnt, why? Because i wouldnt do anything my sister wouldnt approve of! You say i twist words, you ******* *****, you twist my words far more, and you still make jokes about my sister. You will ******* burn for this! And i didnt bring it up to sway an arguement, i brought it up so you would ******* understand qll the **** ive been through you ******* *****! And you are the ***** that turned slavery into a joke! You ******* deserve to die! You are a *****, and the fact that you poke fun of slavery shows that you have no ******* space in this world, get the **** off this site you *****, slavery isnt funny, and sex slaves arent to be made into jokes you *****!

Trust me, if i ******* wanted to you would be dead and this conversation here would be the best proof the would have you *****!

Tell me what joke I made? And yes you said demon thrall. A thrall is a slave ironically. Also you brought it up as you said to try and make a point I e. Sway the argument. Wow that was a lot of *****. Yup I am a *****. I admit to it daily. We see how much that bothers me.

So your a liar AND a coward. Ok

And I loooove how you keep dodging and deflecting direct questions.

I never made a joke. I was laughing at your attempts to put me in my place. 'I struck a nerve' is referencing to you busting out the naughty words. Your making a whole lot of assuptions. But I will make a point 1 your telling the truth and just used your abused dead sister to try and sway an online argument which is just really bad form. Or 2 your lying which is down right sick. You still used the word thrall which means slave and that misconception is all on you. Again totally deflecting AND issuing empty threats.

Go to hell you ******* *****, you think im a coward? You think i am a liar? If you came to this city everybody, even those who hate me with a burning passion would say that i dont lie and that im no coward, and dodging direct questions? Tell me how i dodged a direct question? And after this i dont think you deserve a ******* answer anyways

I asked you to prove your telling the truth about these unheard of demons. Aww and your a city boy too. Oh and a side note. Fae don't go to hellthey reincarnate. Oops guess thats something you didnt know.

Or maybe if you stopped viewing the world as a one sided coin that reflects your views perfectly you would see that option 1 is completely different, in the fact that you kept being a *****, i kept trying to get you to say how directly instead of open endedly and you kept being a.*****, which got me mad and because of my anger i switched personalities (not the 2 in one, but the one more similar to bipolar) made the remark, and you commented before i could delete it and get rid of it, causing this to esculate as far as it has.

I assure you my views are multifaceted. Yes I am a *****. We cleared that up and your bipolar to. Not really surprised there.

outside of telling the stories or having my mentors join and comment, at this point i cant, even if i could you wouldnt believe it over the internet anyways, and also, yes, you arendefinently a fae, so you definently wont go to hell. Grow the **** up.

Not biolar, multiple personalities, difference.

Eh still unstable. I enjoyed you admitting you cant prove it. And the person that used ***** in every semtence telling me to grow up? Really?

Oh ya, because using ***** in every sentance after that ***** laughs about your dead sister who used to be a sex slave is really immature, no one would do that, but saying youre a fae is much more mature than that, as well as laughing at a dead, ex sex slave girl. Ya, we can easily see who needs to grow up first.

Actually I repeatedly said I wasnt laughing about her I was laughing about you. Also I am under the impression you have no idea what a fae is. Or at least are confusing it with something else

Wow... I've never seen so many starred out words in my life! Bravo... From pity party to cuss-storm... Impressive!

Dont think he realizes the more he says the more ammunition he gives me.

No doubt... >_> He already discredited himself beyond repair. He pretty much admitted he has DID, which makes it hard to believe anything he says on its own, but has proven he's no hunter beyond a doubt. Not only by his idiotic labeling of "former hunters", which do not exist, and of course his giant pity party. We're hunters. We've all lost a LOT of people... And I've never met any hunter so pathetic they'd throw them out for pity. Hell, if someone tried to throw me a pity party like he was going for, I'd knock their teeth in!

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nice i completely agree with you. i know a lot of demons and other beings and yes there is no demon named grefskull nor gallafrite and there are cats that are with demons and can possibly have powers but no demon cats.

So, are you saying you know every demon, that every demon in existance has been recorded for you? If not then how wod you know? I go out and experience this stuff, you then say nope, i know every demon, hes wrong. I think that a person that admits they dont know everything but has had experience is more believable than someone that claims to know everything, since you indirectly said that you know every demon, so congradulations, why are demon hunters needed? We know all the demons, we only need 5 demon hunters at maximum then.

Ummm... It doesn't take someone knowing every demon to spot a made up name... Demons usually have ACTUAL names or names with meanings. Not BS dungeons and dragons **** that you think will sound cool

Wow, look, Vessle, btw, it is spelled Vessel ;), I am a hunter, and have been hunting for the last 10 years, and I only converted to christianity in the last 3 years, before that I was a practicing Wiccan, look, idk what your deal is, but obviously you aren't going to recieve a warm welcome here, so just leave

I dont have time to read everything, so i will comment again later, but this is what i have to say, you say that stuff doesnt exist because it isnt in a book, i say youre stupid, not everything has been documented. As for Felix being masculine name and me reffering to the demon as a her, names dont mean everything, just like people can be given names that represent opposite gender demons can to. And also, usinf age of another on an online debate is the stupidest thing you can do, what if i am lying to make myself look younger? To find out how people would treat me? I have said this before but you then refused to even consider it. I will finish reading and comment again later

If you're lying to seem younger and going around claiming to want to teach kids to be a hunter, then I'm gonna guess you're not a hunter, you're a ********* trying to lure kids to you. Plain and simple. And you obviously didn't read. She gets LORE from text like every real hunter on the planet, she gets FACT from experience. And btw, SheAngel is right on everything she's said. You're posting a lot of BS to sound cool, but nothing has been accurate at ALL. And I don't mean by books. I mean I've been in the life since I was a kid and I can spot bull from a mile away, and you're one of the tallest piles of crap I've ever seen.

who ever said my apprentices were kids? Oh, thats right, sheangel, the person that keeps bashing me, i never said they were because they arent. And, as ive said previously in other posts, "maybe i am lying about my age and i wanted to see how i would be treated". Maybe you need to read since you said none of my posts have accurate information, but you dont seem to have read them. Also, look above, i said i didnt have time to read it all before, yet you then say i need to read because of what i said afterwards? Knowlege about demon kind is limitted, so saying that other theories and experiences are false because it doesnt coincide with the current belief system is the stupidest thing you could ever do. And for someone that has read all my stuff to prove i dont know what im saying, i said that not all people that act like demon hunters are hunters, i even said i wasnt a demon hunter but something else that is similar. And you say that she gets fact from experience? Where do you think i get my facts from?

Well... You don't get them from anywhere... You haven't posted any facts