well i have been reading all of the post that have been put up the past few days and am starting to think not all of you are as truthfull as i thought most of you seem very honest and i enjoy reading your post however i didint make this account to sit at home and read about hunting i came her to learn more i have gone on a few hunts but im still very in the dark and need help with perfecting my tactics i have a basic understanding at the moment but need to learn more so any creaditible hunter please send me a private messege so we can talk any information would be much apreiciated thank you for reading
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im looking for all the information you can give i want to know everything and compare my style of hunting to all of yours i want to leeave no stone unturned in a matter of speaking

What sort of info are you looking for?

The best people to talk to are azsuranil, huntleader, jwarr (when hes around) and myself.

ok come on really ill give it to you that you know a thing or two about what your talking about but jwarr come on this guy is full of s-h-i-t up to his eyeballs if he ever even met a real demon ill give you a thousand bucks cash chica no bull **** the guy is the biggest fake on this site garunteed he just reads alot of science fiction books and watches supernatural alot prob those stupid vamp shows to not the best person to go to for advice and i see my name is not in there that is not surprising ouch kind of stings a bit just a bit though

After you tried to ridicule me for being wolf? Jwarr does have a good sense of right and wrong and I respect that he speaks up on things rather than jumping on the band wagon.

hmm well why must we fight all of us are supposed to be hunters not eneimes if we all agree that demons should be exstreminated then why bother trying to hunt each other as much as you too hate one another you have to look past your personal proublems with each other and focus on the proublems at hand

I have no personal problems with him. nor do I hate him. he annoys me with his bible thumping sometimes but I typically ignore him.

well i agree you dont have to beleive in god to hunt but if you dont have a proublem with him nor dislike maybe hate was too strong then why bother arguing i respect both of you as hunters although monkeyman4200 has jumped to rash coclusions with me and my post i do think of him as a creditible source of information i meant no disrespect in my comment earlyer just didint want team mates arguing is all

Lol teammates. That made me chuckle.

I will not deny I laughed out loud to the idea of you and him being teammates... lol

Couldnt you see me throwing things at the back of his head and pretending I didnt?

Yes, yes I could. Lmfao And probably, each time the item thrown getting bigger and heavier... lol

just be like "the squirrel spirits are angry with you!!!"

Naughty naughty squirrel spirits... lmao *flees their nutty wrath*


go team go

Awww :( SheAngel made me sad :'(

Hun your only on for about two days every month.

I am on really everyday. I just don't post anything for long periods of time. Then again I have openly stated that I don't wish to teach people. Lol.

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