Going through these stories I find a lot of people who seem to have experienced something beyond. I would like to take a poll on where you think "demons" come from.... So where do they come from????
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demons come from your *** its true the pope has found countless true stories about that anyway when they go in you they come out of ur *** becuz god SAID NO YOU SHALL NEVER ENTER THE SEA and so i know this is true because one came out of my *** it was a big one trollololol

long version can fill a few books for sure short version there are two divine powers in existance that humanity referse to as good and evil demons are spawned for evil and can never be good just as that which is spawned from good can never be evil. This basic concept is why i can not believe in fallen angels or lucifer. I do believe that there is a leader or the most powerful of all demons that bends evil to it will and controls many if not all demon kind and we are the scale we are born with the capability to hold both powers with in this is the reason why we exist for good and evil are exact opposite and they cancle eachother out no one is stronger then the other and so we were spawned into existance an essential tool used by both sides to tip the balance. if evil has the power to possess the scale so does the power of good and both can guise themselves as whatever form they wish in existance because they were the powers that created existance. now who or what created the two powers is the real question were did they come from we see the end result but will never know the start i dont care what faith you follow everything is a geuss and we will never find the true answers in this life or the next. I love when people say that we will find out when we died truth is we wont. Spirits are even more lost then the living and we are just going around in circles never stopping to ask directions because we dont know who to ask so we all go in our own directions our own circle. you can say ask god but what is god know one really knows. you are a biblical scholar my question to you is what have you learned from your studys? The basic knowledge is all that really matters, Be a good person and walk within the light for if you find the light within this sea of darkness you shall fear no evil and that is the most imortant thing of all.

I learned that "religion" is used mostly by evil people looking to rob or control others.... I have also learned not to give my pearls to pigs. Only to those who are truly seeking the One I serve. Those who seek will find. I respect your out look but disagree with your statement that spirits are even more lost than we are... It will be hard to debate these things with you because the base of which we come from is completely different being I fully believe in my Lord and you deny his existence.

i do not deny the lords existance but i do deny the picture that man kind has painted i know at a microscropic level that every thing in existance from the mountains to the trees to every one of use are literally perfect we all have our own perfect patern that is repeated over and of again billions of times untill you get a bush, or a mountain or a person and no patern is the same ( reference: Fractal patterns) knowing this scientifically proven fact it is obvious that life was desinged by something amazing not created at random score one for the church. you call it god i call it the creator but in the end we are talking about the same thing we just have different ideas on what this thing wants from us i believe life is a test we decide which way to walk and in life we are prestened great evil that is as simple to acomplish as stabing a person unknowingly in the back or killing a child we she these evils that we can do and we actively chose not to cross that line not to kill not to be evil this is why we are here. I will never tell you that you are wrong but i do know that i was not born evil and knowing this I can not and will not actively follow a faith that is based on such a notion we are born with the knowledge of good and evil right and wrong ( this is under scientific debate but has been proven in recent infant studies) we are not born evil we are born to make a choice and willingly or not we all make that choice every second of every day of our lives and i do not neccesarily agree that religion it self is evil it all has the basic idea, right, be a good person but the people that melded these religions this simple idea into what they are today are evil and we good free thinking people have to pick through the evil and again find our own way. This is why i have thrown out the rest and soully focus on the begining idea the root not the man made rules that have occumulated over the years and that is all it is man made not made of god in my heart i know i am right in my view of the world and my purpose in life and that is all that really matters. all I want in the end is to continue to exist what ever that existance may be as long as i am still me i wont care if im lost or where im going. i dont think we were meant to know we are shown just enough to make our choice which ever one it may be.

Do any of you believe angels have the ability to take the form of a human?

Energy turned evil by fallen angels...Much of a complicated matter to understand.

It really depends... Demons have several origins. There are thousands if not millions of demonic spirits in existence. A large number were possibly human souls at one point, but in Hell or whatever dark plane you want to refer to, they became so angry, so evil, it changed them into something darker, nonhuman. Others could have more primordial origins, just as well as could be the descendants/children of Lilith according to folklore. It all depends.

to bw honest i think that demons can be created i do agree that some are fallen angels but i also think that if something or someone is tuely evil and perishes on this plane that on the next plane can tourmeant the living or if a very tramatic event occurs that the negitive energy can still reside but thats only my opinon

Lol depends what kind.