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I thought this to be a site of helpfulness and talking about different techniques. From some of the drama I see posted, it looks more like Facebook to me. I have no idea who this VesselofMorningstar is, but seriously with the bashing. You guys are starting to sound like me and my ex-husband. Is this really what you guys want new-comers to see or the people looking for training, help, or advise to see. So, this is where I stand I don't know who he is, but think of the other people on here. I am not saying he is right or wrong, just looking out for the better of the group as a whole. Sorry if this p-i-sses some of you off. I would like to also add a side note to one of his stories. I have been doing this s-hit for years. I learned from my parents and they from their parents. Thank you.
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Don't take this the wrong way SadisticMale, but I don't do Satanic religion. I'm a pagan.

The Satanic Bible by Anton Szander Lavay,should ans.some of your needs.I am just one of his disciples.If maybe,I can be of service to u?

A Satanist demon hunter? What... the... Huh? 0_o Now i've seen it all

If people don't like him don't talk to him, getting mad over it isn't going to solve anything only make it worse :/

Aye he was spamming up the group calling everyone out

Even still he didn't know anything, or even enough to waste of time on him :/ buuuuut I wasn't there I haven't used this in ages :O

he came looking for trouble and trouble found him its as simple as that

He came here with hostility calling people out and spreading bad and very dangerous info. He openly challenged everyone here and when the challenge was accepted he stooped to mudslinging. I dealt with it. I do not mind getting my hands dirty or smudging my self image to make a point. Anyone who actually needs help will always shuffle through crap. It may seem petty, or personal, its not. Method to the madness. He was a danger and I took care of it. If it warns people away then so be it. There are plenty of groups and people out there. Id rather they run elsewhere than him convince them demons are our friends with just a bad reputation because of power hungry jealous god.

That is true. Demons are not our friends. They never have been and they never will be. I say this from being personally tricked into helping one of them and so have older generations in my family.

I also thank you for taking care of a dangerous situation with young children coming to the site to look for information.

No need to thank. I just wanted you to understand why I did what I did