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I have been assigned by my order to observe the new hunters and so I joined this site. I must say, this is sad. Not only do you follow any rules you wish, you break rules that have been around for years. I am not to interfere to much with your affairs, but I will say this, either learn and follow the rules or give up. You have bashed other hunters, I looked at some previous posts by those hunters and there was little to no help to guide them. They had experiences and they followed what they learned from them, and yyou don't bring evidence to prove differently, but only bring harsh words. I feel as if the future of this world will be destroyed because its protectors refuse to do what is right, and instead do what is easy. If you can't do what is right because it's to hard for you, get out. Real hunters don't chose the easy path.
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Order...???, ok I'll have a Cheese Burger, Xtra large fries & a Coke..., better make that 2 cheeseburgers..

Nah but seriously, Monkeyman has some points there...

Anyhow..., A secret demon hunting society..., From what I recall Secret societies generally end up bad, even ones formed with good intentions, They say the road to Hell is paved with Good intentions, it is the True Nature of Wickedness to Conceal its intentions, Righteousness & Truth are Born in Light, Lies & Deceit they are tools of Hiding..., Secrecy..., it is a quandry perhaps though, I suppose at some point Well intentioned folks began to notice the effectiveness of Falsehoods, the Strategical usefulness of Concealment, But this tactic only spreads & spreads until Now so many remain ignorant, while as monkeyman said.."Evil has Systematically Taken over the entire World"

Perhaps it is a side effect of fighting fire with fire..., instead of Water...

Another Saying is

"The Greatest Trick the Devil ever Pulled was Convincing the World he doesn't exist"

This is True..., But They are becoming emboldened as of late..

If The Masses of People Were made Aware of the true nature of the ongoing war, I think in that instance, in the instance where There could be a separation, Mankind Could Win, woulda been a lot easier hundreds of years ago..

Whatever the case..., It is a Sad Day When the Wicked are Bold & The Righteous Hide..., a Truely un natural turn of events..., But we can thank those "maintain the balance" bs'ers for all that... Devils that they are...

How are the scales looking from where u are...

i am very confused by all of this i agree that there are alot of people that judge but there are some truely helpfull people on here why do you wish to hurt people your input is fine and your concern is appriciated but in your quest to preach that helping and not hurting people is the way to go you are degrading people as you speak to theme telling every one that they are wrong and insufficent but why cant there be two groups why must every one conforme to your tactics that in its self is evil that is all i have to say


the only thing woese then demons is Human malice and until you realize that you all are lost mice in a maze.

Thats funny because I just get my orders from a more higher power than you and my handler goes where i go. hmmmmm, nope i do not recall you from my last meeting. Now I am not saying its right that others bash others for something that they do not know. Granted the more experienced should help the novices. We all have been there before. It is quite embarrassing that you humans deem it necessary to beat each other up and destroy each other when really you should be bonding. Human malice is a guaranteed failure. out of all the species of life that I have come acrossed, you humans deem it necessary to hurt instead of to save. Shame on you all. I have been a DH longer than I can remember and it never ceases to fail that when someone tries to make a difference, others try to bring them down and bury them in humility when they know that there is someone out there that is better. Man up and do the right thing.


The fact that you said "you humans" proves you arent a member of the order

not what i was talking about. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, humiliation is not a good thing.

sorry my spelling is quite shattered.

I would never join the order of which you speak of. If you have to belong to something inorder to do something you think is right is wrong. SO what you are saying is I have to be apart of an organization that gives donated toys to the poor if I want to give to the poor? No. Not the same? Wrong! Due to popular belief to critize one for their beliefs, wrong or right, its okay? shame on all of you. This will lead to the fall of said "order". -lonewolff

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Prove your order to me.... Answer these questions, do angels prey on human kind? And if they do how do you free them? And who is your God?

I don't have to prove anything to you, my job is observation and spreading the basic rules, not answering stupid questions.

I just want to point out you still havent told us the rules.

I wasn't told when I had to tell them, but fine, a few of the most basic rules:
1. Not to do any acts of evil.
2. Help guide the uneducated, don't push them away.
3. Mourn the dead, always mourn the dead, even if you don't know the dead.
4. Bring light and white to the world, reject darkness and black.

The white and black is from the actions you do. I won't go into further detail on it since I do not have permission, but these are 4 of the rules I am to tell you.

Sounds racist... O_o

Whiteness and blackness is not about the race of people, it has to do with the energies of the world.

Okay im going to counter. Mourning the death. In the old days funerals were celebrations of the deceaseds life and they were moving into the after life. I do not mourn death. I do not understand why someone should. I put the dimes on the coffin, I cry one day if at all and then I move on.

On teaching the ignorant. Okay so lets teach a bunch of 14 year old kids killing m. ic. Or how to become werewolves since they are so. ignorant on that. No this is not a good choice. Also rule 1 and 4 are basically the same thing so thats kind of redundant.

As for my kind predating yours. Aye. See the diff between my kin and werewolves is divinity created us. We are fae. And as wolfkin we have our own rules and laws we follow so its unlikely that we had anything to do with your 'order'. THAT is why I said youe rules do not apply to me. Literally out of your jurisdiction.

Yes, in the old days it was a celebration, and at that time it was appropriate, but times change. Now mourning is the natural, caused because of how much blackness has entered this world since then, so you shouldn't stop mourning.

Did i say to teach them that? I said to teach them and not push away, that doesn't mean answering their questions, it means to teach them what they need to know, then later they can still decide one way or the other, with full knowlege about the subject.

As a matter of fact, the first group to join the order after it was set up was a small group of fae. I don't remember if they were wolfkin or not, but it wouldn't suprise me.

Next, rule 1 and 4 are completely different. You have to have a grasp of what whiteness and blackness is though to understand that. I am not allowed to tell you what it is, but I can tell you if you are right on a guess.

Some how I highly highly doubt they were fae since we have our own set of rules and tradition we adhere to. Humor me though. Tell me what the fae are. As for teaching. Knowledge has to be earned. Period. Because knowledge is power and I was trying to make a point rhat you completely missed. And no I will not guess and it doesn't change the fact that its still a contradiction. Honestly I don't believe a lick of it or you. Being who you claim. This isnt my first time around the block and ive heard this song and dance A LOT over the years.

First, I will admit that I haven't studied fae that much, my instructor gets mad at me a lot for it, thats why I was chosen to come here, more or less as a punishment. I only remember that fae joined our order as the 15th group. Also, knowledge might have to be earned, but no one ever deserves harsh words. Next, I am not suprised you don't believe in whiteness or blackness, i didn't for my first 3 years of training, and before that I never even heard of it. Last, I am not here to convice people of the orders existance, you can believe its a story if you want, but these rules are important to hunters, and I am supposed to try and convince people to listen and follow these rules.

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ok what order where did it originate why arent you recruiting or teaching others why keep yourselfs secret if you have rules that we are breaking your so called order has neglected to inform the rest of the world so in all i would say if your order does exist it is doing a very poor job in proctecting anyone but yourselves the people i help on a day to day basis give two ***** about your rules or your guarded secrets that we comon folk are to dumb to understand aparantly you claim we bash people well you just insulted ever single person here. so all in all shut your ******* mouth. evil has systematically taken over this entire world and you have the gaul to say to your order has been protecting any of us against evil for sham on every single one of you if your order wants to do what you claim to do then f-ing do it already what are you waiting for the evil to take full control i am calling your bluff i have insulted your orders very nature and i have as much right as any of those in our order to know and understand that which is evil if you are real and your order is gaurding secrets and rules then i say it is your obligation to contact those that truely wish to destroy evil why are you worthly and we are not and this is not up for debate you were sent here to observe well you have and you must take this mesage back to your masters i will be waiting to here from them in person IM me and we will arrange a meeting

The order was formed long ago, I am not yet high enough in the ranks to know all the secrets, we keep ourselves secret as to help keep the members safe from fake hunters that work against us. We do recruit people, but only those that we find deserve to be in the order, as for why we don't tell people these rules, if we told them then how would we find out who deserves to be in the order or not? The reason I am telling some now is because it was decided to tell the basic rules to the public hunters. Also, this order has stopped evil from happening many times, we have stopped many attempts at larger portals, stopped many strong demons, but we don't ask for any thanks for it. Also, you say you want to meet us in person? based on my observations you bash people a lot more than most, so you dont deserve to have contact.


whitch order.I have been for years

I try not to bash people on here, but there are some people that need to be put in there place. I don't follow these 'rules'. What I do has been around long before the have been set up. I have heard of there being rules now, but I do family secrets to the job.

Even if there are people that "deserve bashings", you should first try as hard as you can to bring them on the right path.

Well all I can say is no one who is truly fighting the evil ones would call themselves exalted.... It would be more like cursed.

Well in the big picture I am blessed for my rewards in heaven will be great. But as for my existence on this earth call it what you will but I was kinda being a little tongue and cheek.....

I don't know why its called Exalted, i did not chose the title, it has been held in the order for many generations.

Nice try vessel but epic fail hun. Ive seen this ruse before. Im not one of these gullible kids.

I am not vessel nor do I believe everything he has posted. As a matter of fact, he has posted a lot of misinformation but that is not an excuse to bash him. I do not care if you believe me or not, it is none of my concern what your opinion is, but it is my concern when people break some rules that have been around for hundreds of years.

Lol some how I don't think there are hundred year old rules that say no putting a welp in his place online and i don't have to adhere to some made up rules proclaimed by a kid with a fake account. Sorry to disappoint you

These rules were taught to me be my order, which has been around for a long time. Also, believe what you want, I am not vessel, but nothing I say or do will convince you otherwise, so good day to you.

You think that matters to me? Any of it? My kin were around when yours were shivering in caves hoping not to be eaten.

SheAngel, have I mentioned you make me smile when you offer your snappy comebacks to these dips? Its very sexy :P

Hi honey *nibbles

Hi back, darlin ;) *smirks at the nibbling

Phone got shut off btw.hence my radio silence

Wondered about that, but I figured it was somethin. Tis all good

Hello i don't know if you have looked at my posts. But if u say u are a part of the order i think you are then you should know more about my posts than most, but if it isnt the order i think your in well oh well. I've been waiting for some1 else to talk about the things i know and who would truly know what I'm talking about.

If you know about the order you should know that me having the title of Exalted Knight means that I am still a low rank of the order.

Also, sheangel, your responces show more ignorance on your half than insults to me. you should try to think more carefully of what you say, but i will let it go, not many know about the order.

Hmm thats interesting since I havent actually insulted you yet. Nor does it change the fact your 'rules' still do not apply to me. You also popped up insulting us about the time we drove vessel off. Which is suspicious and suspicion comes with the job. So please tell me how I am showing ignorance when your the one making assumptions and self important claims.

I was making a point

Lol you sound like my guard.

Yaaaay me!

Your insult was "My kin were around when yours were shivering in caves hoping not to be eaten."
That which insults a single member of the order insults every member of the order. The ignorance comes from thinking the rules don't apply to you. Insulting others and insulting the mourning of the dead can cause... less than happy backlash... I won't go into detail since I am not allowed to by rules of my order, but I think someone on this site can help answer that.

The organization does exist though the size is up for debate. There are 20 members and they each chose 2 successors, when they leave the remaining 19 vote which becomes the next member, the members can, but aren't required to, train up to 3 people to join the order. I am a successor, though I have not chosen to teach anyone yet.

Actually that wasnt an insult that was the truth. My kin DO predate yours. And actually I didnt insult mourning the dead I attacked the fact he used it to try and win an argument which is sick.

I agree that it is wrong to use the dead to win an arguement, and your kin predates us? how long have your kin been around? I'm not doubting you, I am just curious.

Representatives from different groups and orders originally formed my order across the continent. The order then agreed on different rules to follow, and those are the rules that we still follow. The rules were made by the different groups, and ere made to apply to everyone. Only 14 groups originally met, yet it was open for every group, and since then 6 other groups joined, but now the groups are split from the order. We worked together to spread information and stop certain events from happening. One example is that the Hellfire Club you see in most factual books isn't the real Hellfire club, there actually existed one in which my order stopped in the past. We also don't "stab anything we don't like the look of", we go around and stop portals, summonings, and much more that I am not allowed to talk about. I don't even know everything the order does because I am not one of the 20. Also, the way you speak is disrespectful. I don't care if you like me or not, but I have yet to do something to deserve disrespect.

Your arrogance breeds disrespect. You come on here and presume to have the right to tell us what to do and not to do because some "order" says we have to. Well, we're hunters, not knights. We don't have any reason to follow you, you're order, or your crazy rules. So don't just assume because you are part of some fancy cult we'll all fall in line, ya templar wannabe. It's not who we are. By nature, we're all a bunch of distrustful, hotheaded, say-whatever-we-think a.s.s.holes, and that isn't gonna change because you and your cloak and dagger friends want us to play nice.

Hunt have I told you how much I adore you lately? Lol

The rules I am telling you are part of the job of a hunter. If you break these rules you are a hypocrite because of what can happen if the rules are broken. So you say that you don't have to follow the rules, well then you shouldn't be hunting demons then. Also, I am not a templar wannabe, I am trying to keep the world in its natural order or bring it closer to a state of whiteness. and the "right" is more of a duty. I see people wanting to hunt demons, but they are also doing things that can help demons, so I try and help them help themselves and endanger less people in this world. Also, the term knight is used because most hunters at the time the order was made were knights of some sort, and we hold tradition.

I find it interesting you talk about bringing about 'whiteness' yet that throws the world out of balance ergo creating quiet chaos once more. Im noticing a lot of your ideaology is contradicting.

There aren't portals to hell, but there are portals, and we don't seal gateways to the spirit world. Also, the natural order of the world is true grey, but it has existed without much chaos as a very whitened world. Whiteness and Blackness don't throw the world into chaos, its what can happen with it in that stage that can. The natural order is brought back with whiteness or blackness, though it most likely wont go back in our lifetimes.

I love my little shade of grey area actually and regardless your trying to throw the world from one extreme to another and thats not a good thing.

I am not throwing it from one extreme to the other, if the world was even 75% blackened then demons would literally be everywhere, weak ones that can't do much, but there none the less. It is still closer to a neutral grey than black, I am trying to get it closer to white on the neutral gray.

That question isn't something I will bother answering. Vampires were real, though if they still are they don't bother people much, or the 20 members of the order just don't tell us much. I actually only know that because I accidentally found a council book and started reading it when i was still in basic training. We Exalted Knights don't get told everything, in fact when an Exalted Knight enters the order they spend the first 5 years learning, not even allowed into the coincil meetings until they finish, and they aren't even close to done at that point. So, I would say yes to all of them but mermaids, but I am not 100% sure.

Funny thing is I commented about how I knew for a fact fae didnt join the group especially given we have our own laws and customs and that its odd he would know they joined but not know what they are and some how that comment went 'poof'.

At this stage I havent been taught that yet, that is my next lesson after I study Fae enough. At this point we will have chosen how we wish to hunt, the order than crafts weapons or whatever is needed for that, I chose to use blades. I have also learned how to make certain tools effective against demons, and am currently learning about many types of beings. I have learned the basics of how to use many types of waysto fight demons, from guns, to swords, to magic, and everthing between and beyond.

Nvm found it (on cell)

Ya, at first i was confused because I don't limit peoples freedom to speak.

I didn't choose the path of magic and I was horrible at it. My worst possible skill, but it was mostly healing and repelling things. I'm more convinced it was some mental trick for repelling and some other trick for the healing, but the instructor said magic, though he was only an Exalted Knight and was a little crazy in the head.

sorry that it seems that way. It's just that I am saying it how it happened, and I never fully believed in magic, still find it hard to believe in. Thas why I chose to learn how to use a sword to fight demons. Its easier for me to imagine hacking and slashing a demon than using magic against one.

ya, i just looked through and youre right, it looks like i am avoiding an answer. Sorry for that.

Just gotta throw this out there... How exactly does someone hack and slash a demon? They aren't exactly corporeal beings, and even if you did use some weapon effective against a spiritual entity, it'd be basically useless. So again... How and why would you fight non-physical beings with a sword? You gonna hack up some poor schmuck they are possessing?

Like Jwarr said, watched Van Helsing a few too many times...

Sorry for taking a while, I was busy, now lets look at this accurately now, I have in fact answered a few questions, certain questions I am not allowed to answer. Next, certain weapons do work, but the knowledge of how has almost completely disappeared. You say I know little of what I speak, I say you know little of what I speak. I speak only what has been held as proof in my order for hundreds of years. Now, I can easily see what type of people you are. You spread blackness across this plane. Since you do that I am sorry to say that you are not real hunters, and your own knowledge is also lacking. I will say this, you need to either learn how to be real hunters or you will fall. When your end comes there will be so much blackness around you that no one will try and save you. There will be people trying to keep you alive, but they are not trying to save you. You need to learn and understand this world for what it truly is, and so I say, good day to you all. There is little hope left if you are the successors to my dying order...

Nice avoidance. Instead of answering, you walk around a question or comment and just claim to be smarter than everyone. Or claim we're all just these doomed lost souls... Cliche

Yes, some ancient and magical weapons WILL hurt demons. But you use them on the possessed, it also kills the host. Not exactly saving anyone then.

I do believe i have seen enough. Az doesn't this look familiar to you? Blackness, being saved, hes the only one who can save. This sounds like a very sagey song and dance does it not? As for the "FIANCEE" thing i don't buy it. The 'only one person here' another sage tactic but doesn't matter if its him or not since singling out is a method to both make one feel inadequate and flush out info. Truth is Hunt, Az, Jwarr, Huntress, and myself are the heavy hitters around here. That being said obviously we are taking to you setting up your crazy around here. So i suggest you move on. Otherwise im going to have to live up to being the big bad b*tch and im already working an 80 hr work week so im not in the best humour anyway.

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