I've been reading some of these stories and comments posted here and it fired me up to write this to say that yes demons are spirits but yes just like the physical the spiritual can be destroyed as well the hunters exist so that we can save the people who don't belive but we fight amongst ourselves and because of that we let alot of innocent people suffer so either quit fighting and seek information from each other it's what we do or you can quit before you get someone else killed that being said i will help in any way i can all you need to do is contact me on here but if we keep this up all we will do is destroy ourselves is that what you want to let the very thing we have fought for so long win i don't and if you do then leave now go find another way to kill time we don't need the slackers
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I also wish to point out the fight that broke out was a boy claiming demons are simply misunderstood and the devil was bullied by god. -_-