A Demon?

over a year ago now i had a short series experiences with what i beleive was some sort of demon it always happened at night while i was sleeping but id wake up to some really weird feeling and a shadowy figure hovering over me was like sucking energy from my mouth. i was struggling to wake up but i couldnt really clear my head and i couldnt shut my mouth. i was on the complete oposite corner of my bed next to the window. then i woke up in the morning not remembering going back to sleep.the first time it happened i thought it might have been some weird dream, but it happened two more time before i started sleeping in the living roomand i lokked up removing evil spirits from home and used some salt and garlic in my window. it scared me so bad that i no longer slept with my window open and ive yet to see it again.
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It sounds like a myth I heard recently called the skin stealer somewhere in the US is that where you live? I think it was California but I am not sure

Georgia dummy

Not a demon per se, but definitly sounds like a mara (or mare). You're lucky you woke up. It couldve been worse, a lot worse. Struggling is almost useless. They basically sit on you. In a suoernatural sense. They paralyze you to feed. Be careful. Those protections aren't permanent.

Having a Mexican perform a protection circle or a father cast an seal your home an car but if you get caught in the in between your on your own there are charms you can get blessed but basically it all boils down to your faith and strength in it because if you can strengthen your soul nothing can take control of you BELIEVE AND NO DEMON NOR CREATURE CAN HARM YOU

Well... That wasn't true... That's like saying if I believe that I am safe, a crocodile won't eat me when I jump on it. No amount of faith will protect you from something. Faith is a feeling, an idea. It isn't a power. Demons and monsters can still harm you no matter what your faith is

All the more reason to know if there is a Demon then there is a Angel look I come from a line of Celtics an in today's terms I should be a witch but if there is bad then there is good and the more good you believe in the less likely you will be harmed but you have to believe in it for it to help or hurt you back in the Times you will find all kinds of bible mumbo jumbo and magic as well nothing in life comes with out a price the question you should be asking is which price your willing to pay I believe in all the Deiates as well as God itself I was raised to respect it all you can call on the arc- angels to protect you even without saying a single word you think the names you make them part of you at the moment you think your lost they will show you different the world has changed because we have forgotten what it is to be part of it there are so many ways to bring yourself in a circle of safety and it sounds more like you were in physical contact with a succubis DEMON they come to you as a intimate dream and feed off your soul which means someone cursed you or your attracted it from the out side you really need to head to a head shop or find a gypsy palm readers or a Wicca because they do not ever stop you need a barriers charm I can look it up in some of my grandmothers books and get back to you tomorrow and faith is not a feeling it's trust.........

That was supposed to be Wiccan not Mexican sorry spell Correct is annoying especially when you swipe fast lol

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