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I have come across a demon that I have no info for online other then silly games. It's an Arachne demon. Does anyone know anything of it??
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Not a demon. Daemon, or monster. And you came across an arachne? Are you in Greece? I've never heard of them outside of Greece or Japan. 0_o Info on them is rare. Few myths, couple texts, lotta pottery. What do you need to know?

Aye arachne was actually a person. But the concept of arachne demon came from supernatural.

Ahhh... I know in Greece Arachne was turned into a spider or spider daemon... In Japan they r the "Prostitute Spiders" (jorugumo?). Thus my confusion...

Arachne was a weaver. She bragged about how she was better than the goddess athena (some stories aphrodite) and as punishment she was turned into a spider.

Spider daemon