The Hunt, The Love, And The Life

Some people just don't know when to shut up. I mean, all they do is want to be better at things then everyone else. I am a demon hunter Wiccan with vampire blood who is madly in love with a werewolf Wiccan. We share most of our lives with each other as it should be. The more I get on this site the more I realize, it is slowly turning into a site for wanna-be's who rp way too much and think they know the life because of it. News flash this is real s-hit, so do everyone a favor and grow the f-uck up. We hunters all die and eventually everyone dies or goes mad then dies, either way you die. I have spent most of my life getting the h-ell beat outta me by god knows what things. You think I do this for fun or kicks? Do you think I get off on this s-hit. H-ell no, I don't think anyone who actually does this does. I have almost died for this **** and actually was about half a minute from death once from it. It isn't the life I chose, but I still do it. Once your in, there is not getting out. I was 5 when my parents started my field training, 5. At the age of 6, I could shoot or throw anything perfectly. At the age of 7 or 8, I could do it with any moving targets no matter the distance, as long as it was in range. No childhood at all. Grow up mother-f-uckers and get with it. I am current 6 months away from my 20th birthday. I get no holidays or vacations and have already gone through a divorce. If you are younger then 18, stay out of this life, it's the best thing for you and all the help and advice your going to get from me. I may hate this life, but I'm d-amn proud of the job I do. I turned a bad thing to a good thing and take my rage out on anything bad a-ss from h-ell.
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Thank you Hunt :).

Love this post. True to a fault, Huntress.

What the h-ell is your problem with me?

oh yes you are a witch and be nice now

like I said before. You do not hunt what I hunt. Your are just suhh be nice

name calling is not called for.How can you say you hunt with all that bottled up in side.Try to calm down alittle. You are bring all of this on to yourself.Be at peace with yourself and may be the hunt want be so bad any more.Im sorry your life is so bad and you were born into that coven.

yea right

Yeah right, what? Not trying to get snippy, but I have had to deal with some jack-a-sses.