what or who do you kill? specifically what sort of demons, just spirits or do vampires qualify
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We Hunt for those who tend to harm others. Not only people. And spirits are impossible to kill.

A lot of hunters... Well, they're still the bigots we all were in the dark ages. If it's differrent, destroy it. Some of us though, like myself, are smarter than that. More... Evolved. We hunt the things that become monsters... Those that are a danger to innocent people. The ones who kill people.

Me personally I usually take on clients. Cleaning houses so to speak, banishing, undoing bad mojo. Removing malevolent beings in some form or fashion. Its not limited to demons but really anything of ill intent. I do protection as well. Sometimes I teach but not so much anymore. I also do research work for other hunters and supernatural beings as well.

not all vampires have bad intent

I never sad vampire did I?

I'm aware just sayin

I have met Real vampires not the psi vamp ***** running around here.

psi aren't as dangerous as us, they exhausting most people who say they are are lying because they aren't exactly commkn

A psi vamp is not a real vamp.

Sanguines arent dangerous in my opinion

Oh we can be very dangerous

it's a craving that never goes away, like being starving and being surrounded by food that you're not allowed to eat 24/7

*giggles. If you have to say it then it lessens it. Besides you don't know what I am. So to me. Sanguines arent all that scarey.

and what would you be then

And a being without control is weak.

Wolf kin of sorts. Not a werewolf or therian though thank gods.

I know I'm weak, I'm aware but give me a break I've had control for a long time. I'll admit I've slipped up recently but I've been trying. You didn't answer my question

not fully anyway, are you confused on yourself

Rofl oh no not at all. Im one of the oldest wolves here. If not THE oldest wolf here. Im not confused at all. I just dont like flaunting it aboutbbecause then there will be a dozen children pop up claiming the same.

very true, an I've been trying I swear but I messed up two days ago after about five yeard an I havent told my friend who is a werewolf because she threatened to tie me too a chair if I did it again about three years ago -_-

Bah I know I read all that.

I'd rather not get tied to a chair thank you

besides I doubt that would help

Bah you just need suabsitutes.

it's not the same thing, by I have been using subs lately until I can get back to being dry

Actually thinking it isnt the same is all paychological


it tastes different, ask any sanguine

Rolls eyes. Its like when you eat junk food and switch healthy. Sure you think it tastes like crap at first but after a while you adapt

yeah i know but thats the reason people give up on diets, if you can call this a diet

Actually I do diet. Chicken turkey and deer are my diet staples. Only reason you fail is cause you have no willpower.

i know

Weak in the metaphysical world die fast vamp or not get your **** together.

they don't, but how will they survive? just curious..

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